I need a nap

While I would love to lay down and go to sleep for the night Theresa is acting as if she just had a pot of coffee. She’s a bit hyper still and it’s been a few hours since our afternoon therapy session. She’s also been wearing the crown she found in a box of toys donated to the clinic since her session. The therapist didn’t want to take it away from her so she asked if Theresa could just keep it. That was nice of her, she doesn’t like upsetting Theresa if she can avoid it.

Of course the child has been walking around like a princess long before she ever found the crown. I once had a trained therapist tell me that Theresa’s looks were going to get her way to far in life. Those big blue eyes are kind of hard to resist I must admit. The child didn’t talk for the first three years of her life so she’s a bit spoiled and used to getting what she wants without saying a word because of it.

Of course this afternoon she’s been a bit talkative. She’s been counting, pretending to read, doing the hokie pokie (however you spell that) and asking for Caillou. Once she asked for “Scooby Doo” today and I was glad for the break from Caillou even though I’ve seen all those episodes a few hundred times. Today was a school day so her cartoons were limited to one before school, one after school and a couple after therapy. She wanted to run around the clinic today but she actually said “Spectrum” when we pulled up today.

I waited what seemed like forever (3 years to be exact) for her to talk and now they’re days when I wonder if I shouldn’t have been more careful what I wished for. Her expressive speech is still massively delayed and she has trouble finding the words at times but she’ll 4 the 27th and she’s come so far I can hardly believe it.