Too Smart for Our Own Good….

That’s what little Theresa is. My little darling has managed to get out of all her supplements today. I’m not sure how it happened either. She didn’t get them this morning, of course I still have to buy some of them because she’s out. Once I get them all together again she’ll be getting them like she’s supposed to. She spent the day being cute and making requests that for some reason she won’t make for one of her therapists.

Theresa has school in the morning, she’s going to be excited. She loves school and she made some progress on potty training this weekend. This afternoon she went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. When she was asked what she was looking for she said “special treat.” At the start of the weekend I told her that if she worked hard and made an effort with her potty training that she’d get a special treat. I ended up making her peanut butter cookies. She’s got a memory on her I’ll give her that. There are times when I wish that it wasn’t so good.

She did a bunch of cute stuff today but to keep from drowning you in cute I’m gonna call it a night.