Is It Summer Yet???

I’m freezing, the nights are in the 30’s and the days in the 50’s. I don’t like cold weather, I really don’t. I need to buy more blankets the new drafts make my one to two at most no where near enough. The bulk of the blankets, baby and adult are on the kiddo’s bed to keep her warm.  The fireplace has things stacked in front of it and I’m not sure it’s sound. It would need an inspection and I do not dare risk catching the house on fire to get the chill out of the air.  Although a fire would be inviting right now.

This weekend I plan to buy a ceramic heater to use in the baby’s room to take the chill out at night so it’s not as cold in there while she’s sleeping. I can turn it on when she lays down and turn it off before I go to bed. That way it’s not on all night long. I need some new curtains, at this point I’ll settle for blankets on the windows. I don’t get along well with curtains. They take up too much time to hang, take down, wash and rehang. OK maybe that’s a little lazy but I don’t care. Those things are expensive never to be able to find a set I’m happy with for more than a day.

Besides curtains make people feel welcome and not everyone should. I mean seriously those that come in offering both opinions and advice on everything when no one has asked them? Did I invite you in to intrude? No I did not, take the hint and go away. It’s my fault for remembering my manners and opening the door to let them in instead of slamming it in their face or hiding until they leave.

Christmas is almost here, I have yet to get the first gift. I am broke so I am still figuring that out. I watched “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Geez, that brought back memories of staying up on a cold night snuggled by the fire trying to get the last bit of warmth before it died out completely. I miss those days but I’m so thankful for central heat (even if it does need fixing) that I could scream with joy.

Well, it’s a long day ahead so I’m going to be getting back to life.