Civil Through it All

I am determined to remain civil through it all this time. The divorce is going to take a bit longer than I had planned to pay for but that’s all right. I can wait, it’s not like anyone is waiting to sweep me off my feet or anything. I can slowly begin to surround myself with friends again. I am going to reclaim my life before I go back to the world of relationships. I can have friendships but not relationships just yet.

The divorce is going to be at least $500 that may have to come out of my income tax refund. That is if there is a refund this year. My soon to be ex made arrangements to have something done about the vehicle that I can not drive anymore. He talked to the local mechanic and asked about the cars he fixes and talked to him about doing a trade for my Rodeo. That will help me out a lot, no more panic attacks when I drive would be incredible! Spending less on gas also a bonus.

The ability to kick him out without worrying about being stranded priceless. Making sure he only takes what is actually his when he goes difficult. Oh well, I can make sure I get rid of a bunch of stuff before then. I need to donate some of the kids stuff to make room for new stuff anyway. I also need to go through and get rid of my clothes that do not fit anymore to see how many new ones I have to buy, they’re worn out.

Well, I seem to have taken a turn for the worse here and lost track of what I need to do. So I’m going to be going.