Did This Day Really Happen?

Did it? I mean it seems a bit surreal now. I mean it started normal enough my soon to be ex went back to his old job without any trouble. I put the kiddo on the school bus, he came home I went to work. I did laundry etc. Well we tried to go to therapy and the bottom fell out. They called to say we didn’t have to go but we were already on our way so I said we’d be there. We should have been in about ten more minutes, wrong. The bottom fell out, I couldn’t see a foot in front of me, water was standing in the road and everyone was speeding up. These people ain’t that bright. Anyway I called them to tell them I was wrong and we were going home.

This is where it gets cuter. We turn around during a break in the rain and after I turn down a side street to get off the four lane, it stops completely. Lovely. I gave up and we came home. I had a confused child on my hands since we came back to where we had started at. Well, my soon to be ex went to work and stopped to pick up some stuff that I had loaned out for me since I couldn’t afford to go and it was right by where he works. All is sort of normal now. 

Later this evening he got a call from the job that let him work one day and let him go because of something from twenty years ago. They had realized that it was twenty years ago and they wanted him to go back to work first thing in the morning and to call to get a schedule. At first he said yes then we talked and decided that no matter how badly we might need the money right now he was not going to leave his current job again after the man gave it back to him. 

Oh well, It’s been a long day and I have to get back to life so I’ll be going now.

Less in Sunday’s Paper ?

I went to get a Sunday paper this morning. $1.50 because I haven’t had a regular newspaper in a while and I wanted the sales ads and the inserts. Well it’s nice to know the Sunday comics are still in the paper with Peanuts at the top but I could have sworn there used to be more coupon inserts. The sales papers I’m having trouble following it’s been so long. There’ a recipe for spring rolls which will come in handy. There were coupons for products we use that I always miss the sales for so having those means they cost me less and I can go ahead and buy them. I used to plan shopping trips, I’m attempting to get back to it. It’s going a bit slowly but it’s coming along.

I was going to try and shop only on a double coupon day but with that being a Saturday and gas prices back to $3.69 this morning from the $3.65 they were Friday. (Gas station closest to me) I don’t see that happening because in the event of an emergency I’d like to be able to leave. That brings me to the need for a storm shelter. There were 17 people dead from the severe weather and tornadoes that traveled across the state as of yesterday morning and the storms were not through traveling to the east of the country.

I have some writing to do if I plan to meet my earnings goals for the rest of this month and I have to begin on next month as well. I’ll be going for now.