One Christmas Down Already

OK this morning Theresa’s pop-pop dropped off her Christmas/Birthday presents from them. Nanna is in the hospital so she didn’t get to see them opened, they aren’t sure when she’s coming home. Theresa loved her presents and they were all (miraculously) Theresa friendly!

Theresa spent most of the day with her moon sand and as predicted I vacuumed the majority of it up just as I thought I would. Once she had managed to spread it out over the carpet she spent most of the afternoon with her dry erase board and chalk board. She even managed to spend a little bit of time with her flash cards. I don’t know what she’s gonna think when she realized there are two more days this month that she gets to open presents.

Theresa still has actual Christmas and her birthday this month. OK I’ll be glad when the rest of December is over and I don’t have to wonder and worry for a whole year. OK I’m gone but I’ll be back.