No Idea What to do

The morning was spent getting my little one ready for preschool and hurting my back in the process. She doesn’t like her routine to be changed in the least and I of course put her shirt over her head backwards. This led to five minutes of fighting to get her to take her little arms out so we could turn it around. Then there was the mud battle; she wanted to walk through it. I promised to make every attempt to keep her out of it because it cakes on the bottom of her shoes and she gets it on the back of the seat on the bus because she is so short. Then the battle to brush her hair as she attempted to run from me began. I put her on the bus about in tears still because she didn’t get her way, feeling horrible because she truly does not understand these situations.

Now my back hurts like there is no tomorrow. Today is going to be a slow restful one. The blanket I put in the wash will be done shortly to hang out. I’ll check the weather report before doing anymore. I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t rain this weekend since I could have done my laundry when I wasn’t in pain and hung it outside to dry.

I plan to check in to see if the last article of the project I have is ready for me to do. I’m not sure why I didn’t get everything at the start but I did learn four new formats this month.

Well, the supplement chart needs filling in, I have my own articles to write and someone has to clean the house. I’ll be sticking to areas that won’t irritate my back so my child’s father would have to learn to do dishes today. Standing for long periods of time make the pressure unbelievable, I’ve got to get some new boots with a nice heel, nothing too high a couple inches will do to shift my weight off my back and ease the pain.

Have a good day.