What’s the point?

I was happy when my $25 from sidetick finally came in so I could put toward a phone bill and have the rest of my payments for the 31st and 10th to help pay off a loan so we could come out of the red. This morning my other half shattered that when he asked me for gas money. I have $63.67 at Textbroker and another $37.49 at Helium. That brings my incoming total from content sites up to $101.16 – 21.80 for a phone bill will leave me with $79.36. A good deal short of what I actually need when you consider that I have to buy a $60 bottle of fish oil out of that. The bottle will last for one month. I need to put her back on the melatonin so that she sleeps at night. The money I gave my other half this morning was for supplements.

I’m going to have to begin taking his check and giving him an allowance again or making him walk to work. I’m tired of his always causing problems. It would be cheaper to divorce him that to put up with him but then my child’s grandparents would butt their noses in more than they do now and cause all kinds of problems because that’s just the way that they are.