therapy went well

Theresa was a bit in her own world at the start of speech today but by the end she was focused and working well. She’s holding out still when it comes to talking. I put her rocking horse in front of the television to get it out of the way. She pushed it back and it got stuck. She covered her eyes and said ‘why did you do that?” Amazing!

She’s 4 now! I can’t believe it! I got my ink refill kit today. I have 3.5 refills total and I reset my printer to print economically. That’ll help to make the cartridge last until I can afford to order a new one so that I don’t mess up my printer. I’ve got to order a color refill kit next. I hope it’s as easy to refill as this one was. I can copy the pages of her workbooks now so we can work with them. I can print out things from online too!

Well, that’s about it, we stopped at the grocery store and she was a little angel. So now I’m going to update Odds and Ends.

Held hostage by cartoons

Other than my morning trip to pick up a few groceries I was held hostage by cartoons the majority of the day thanks to my 3 soon to be 4 year old. We spent the first three years of her life in virtual silence except for the screams and tantrums that she developed so now when she asked for something it’s rather difficult to tell her no.

The result? I often spend my days with Scooby Doo, Caillou, Dora and Arthur. She’s learned how to give me the remote and make me push the button to bring up the “On Demand” menu. I just with there was some way to get that menu without having to pay for the rest of the channels that get neglected the majority of the time.

I have approximately $30 more than I thought I would for the upcoming holiday! I wasn’t expecting to make enough to request the payout for the 15th but I’ve gotten it in ad revenue. That’s good because I’ve manged one article since all the stress began. I managed to do a load of laundry and put another one in soak in addition to doing the dishes today. I also found all but one of the income proofs I need. I have a copy of my 2009 tax return, she asked for 2010 but unless she’s got a time machine I can’t get those to her before 2011 since they haven’t been filed yet. I found the last two check stubs for hubby and he picked up the letter detailing this pay stub so I can send it where his check stubs normally go. Now to find the address and phone number for the Crawford County D.A. so they can call and get them to fax what they need because I have no clue what in the world they’re talking about. I think it’s a letter but it’s not the letter they think they need as it doesn’t exist due to circumstances.

I managed to get some of the baby’s crumpled papers out of the floor. Unfortunately it’s still not clear enough to vacuum and my back hurts. On the other side of my day, I had yet another fight with hubby for pointing out that his father is a jackass’ ass. I’m sorry but I have a tendency to point out the obvious.

Well, insults and rants aren’t supposed to be the point here so I’m calling it a night.

No idea what I’m even thinking

OK today is the 10th and I’ve got $58.62 for groceries that was supposed to be for Christmas and Birthday’s. That leaves me with the money to pay both my phone bills. At the rate things are going I’m going to have approximately $25 to get three kids Christmas and one a birthday present this month. I sent my oldest a card for her birthday without money in it. I didn’t have it to send. This year sucks.

I hope to start earlier this coming year by picking them each up a little something at a time. The only problem with that is by the time the end of the year gets here both will have duplicates of something because grandparents like to shop. Their grandparents don’t like to ask if you had plans or something you’d prefer to buy them either.

I just realized that the most work I’ve done this week has been on these blogs. That’s good in a way but not good in others. For instance I don’t get paid each and every month to write a blog. I have to focus more on working or I’m never gonna make it through the entire month. I had this figured out at the beginning of the month. I think that I have some money in my checking account that’s not earmarked for bills but I’m going to need to put gas in the truck at some point.

I figured out that a tank a week for each vehicle at the current gas prices is at least $368 a month. I can’t afford that. I’m going to try and not let either of them fall below half a tank but that’s going to be rather difficult with the rising gas costs. Given the limited grocery budget I think I’ll just get a few things to get us by.

Grocery list
6 packs of meat – $19.96 (separate and portion out to a piece per person per meal)
1/2 gallon of milk (Theresa likes cereal in the morning)
Fruit snacks -Theresa likes to take them to school
Sugar (we drink a lot of tea)
fruit, veggies – a few for the little one she likes them and it’s hard to get them in her if we don’t have them.

OK I’m gone today is passing me by and I’ve got to run errands so that we can get back to house cleaning. It’s laundry day again……..actually it’s always laundry day I’m tempted to take some change and go to the laundromat just to get out of the house and not have to hang them out.

End of the week came early!

Well, it’s Thursday night and we’re done with therapy for the week! The speech therapist has to go for CEU’s tomorrow. That half hour is the only appointment we would have had so instead we’re going to the grocery store in the morning to stock up through the weekend. It’ll be the first of next week before we go to the grocery store for the month.

Theresa felt better today, still not a hundred percent but she was hyper and talkative. She had a tummy issue today that seems to have fixed itself. That’s a good thing. She was happy as could be with her chocolate goldfish, cheeseburger and french fries. Now she’s in bed without an argument since she’s was tired.

At the moment I’m watching the “Dukes of Hazzard” since my regular shows at this time aren’t coming on this week. I just realized that I have never seen the one where Coy and Vance come to Hazzard county. Oh, well.

I’ve got to do some dishes, one more blog posting and find a few things to make copies of in the morning. I also have to make a phone call to get a copy of the letter where child support was in arrears. OK time to go to work.