It’s Only Wednesday? Hurry up vacation

OK it’s just after six in the freaking morning and I’ve been up for half an hour. I’ve already had time for a cup of coffee with hot cocoa and whip cream to see if I couldn’t get an extra dose of wake up this morning and a raisin swirl bagel with cream cheese just because I wanted it. I can’t stand mornings, not really sure what I have against them unless it’s the fact that I’m tired and it’s cold out.

Theresa was up in the middle of the night crying, sort of. When I went to find out what was wrong, her blankets were how she wanted them. That means they’d come off of here and ended up in a nice little ball, she was cold and she was mad about it. I don’t blame her, I get mad when I’m cold too. I got her covered back up and she went right back to laying down quietly until she could get back to sleep. I know she was quiet because I had trouble getting to sleep after that; I was afraid she’d wake up cold again and I wouldn’t hear here.

Today is another preschool day. After Monday I’m a little weary of sending her but I’m going to see how she is when she gets up. She’s been fine at home but not social at the clinic yesterday. She just may have been in her own little world. Saturday she’s going to the clinic from 1-5 so I can do some Christmas shopping. Not sure what I’m doing it with since my budget for it has disappeared rather quickly.

I only have one phone bill left to pay. There is less than a $1 in my checking account so that comes out of my paypal. I have to buy pull-ups, toilet paper and my one bad habit cigarettes to last until the next payday. That leaves very little to buy Christmas with, Theresa has a birthday coming up two days after the holiday. I think I’ll limit the girls to $5 gifts this year. That’s sad but that would be the reality of it and even that could be putting higher hopes than my income at this point will allow.

OK I have to attempt to work some this morning before I get Theresa up and ready in half an hour. I also have to do laundry today that I haven’t felt like doing or had time to do the last two days. I’m still rearranging her room and guess what? It’s too small for all the furniture that’s crammed into it. I need more little people clothes hangers and I’m wondering if I do a search of the house if I’ll find them. OK I’ll be back later to bore you with more details you probably don’t want to know.

It’s Monday Alright.

I can tell that it’s Monday for sure. This morning started out easily enough as you know if you read odds and ends. I got my little one home from school when I picked her up early and she noticed the Christmas tree. Long story short, one bath, lunch and a few cartoons later she was nice and hyper.

I just realized a few minutes ago that I haven’t put the blanket under her bed yet. I put a think sheet like blanket under it for the time being. It helps to keep it from being as cold in her room where she sleeps. Tomorrow at some point I need to move her crib closer to the heating vent, rearrange the rest of her furniture and make sure that I drag the carpet out of the back bedroom closet.

OK that got me to thinking that I needed to go pull that carpet out since she’s been sick and it’s cold as well a frozen over you know where. Sure enough the carpet has stuff piled on top of it, not sure why and the closet is freezing……like you could store meat in it. Well, I noticed a comforter on the top shelf in there. I pulled the comforter down, it was freezing cold too and folded it up then shoved it under the end of her bed she was sleeping on. Now watch when I go to move her bed closer to the heating vent and the warmer part of the house it’ll need tightening again. I have to leave the bathroom door open at night so that the heat is evenly distributed. If you leave the door closed you suffocate in there.

I had a cat in the duct work this morning so I went to hunt down a screwdriver and let him out. By the time I got the blame vent cover off the cat was no where to be found. I did notice however that I felt a nice little draft from that vent. Well……..DUH! There was a cat in it, it had to be down somewhere for him to get into it. I’m looking into alternatives to heating and cooling, hopefully they don’t include having someone come run new duct work. We can’t afford to have the skirting put back up to keep things out from under this place.

OK that’s about it so I’m going away now. Ron White is on and he’s making me forget what I’m thinking about.