Changing approaches and learning something new

I give up. I’m changing my approach to work and learning something new. I’m trying my hand at writing news articles and learning to use third person which is rather difficult for me since I prefer to feel as if I am talking to someone instead of at them.

If I figured it right I currently have $21 for Christmas for three kids and a birthday present for one. I get an unexpected payday this month which will give me $30, I need to keep approximately $15 of that for gas just in case. I have no idea what to get any of them I just know whatever it is won’t be expensive.

I decided to use Swagbucks for all my searches. I’m using the SB’s to get $5 gift cards for The goal is to save them up until October possibly November of 2011 and use them to help covers the kids gifts.

The bills are increasing next month so my work schedule is going to be even more hectic. Sadly enough I’m thinking of cutting back therapy to make up for the income decreases since gas prices are on the rise. Well, I’m not getting any work done rambling here so I’m going now.