Memories Can Haunt You

Memories are amazing things they can bring you joy and strength make you feel as if you could move a mountain or they can bring you such pain and sorrow that you believe you’ve been stuck by lightening never to recover. When those bad memories sneak up on you it can leave you in a daze to say the least. I would have had one of those sad memories sneak up on me recently and right into my dreams in the form of nightmares. It was a horrible day and I have tried to forget it but I never will.

The lessons in those memories that haunt us are ones that we should listen to. Never letting those you care about doubt that you care. When we realize the lessons that those memories are trying to remind us of they tend to fade to the back of our minds in such a way as to give us a slight smile at the thought of them. They made us who we are and for that we are thankful to them. The idea that we can erase our memories is a nice one until we realize that we need them to continue.

I know that I am not the only one that has memories that bring them down from time to time. While it took me a while I think that I have successfully worked through those memories in order to move on with my life. They seem to have come to tell me that I can survive anything no matter how bad it appears at first sight.

While the idea of having three failed marriages is not a nice one it is a realistic one so that’s where we headed to reality. I just have to decide what I want once and for all. I also have to decide if I want more children or if I want to have my tubes tied. That’s the hardest decision of all. Well, I’ve still got a lot to do so I’ll be going now.