Memorial Day Means the End of School

Today we celebrate all those that gave all they had to ensure our freedom. Today for me also means that there is only one day of preschool left for my little one this year. There is no summer speech for Theresa this year from the school. The speech therapist sent home a speech packet and the teacher sent home some a packet with worksheets and mini books to make in it. That should do us about a week before I’m back to printing out my own for her.

One of her three therapists (she has five during the school year) that see her year round is a half page behind because she doesn’t listen if she’s in a hurry. I gave her some of the worksheets and she copied them after saying something about so I could do them at home. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t realize I have my own pages to go over with the child and I was trying to get her to focus more on academics than teaching my child to be a mimicking monkey. My biggest pet peeve is that people usually don’t ask they just assume that if it’s something they would let their child have then your child can have it too.

I have to work, watch the kid, take her to therapy and some how keep my house from looking like the city dump. I may be behind on more than one of those fronts. My other half is off for the summer and supposed to be finding a job to make it through it. I’m really hoping that he is going to find one because with the blows to my income we’re going to need him to have a job year round to take the sting out of it.

Fed Up and Time for a Change

Every Wednesday we see S for Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy and lately it’s becoming an idea that shows itself to be a bad one. In the beginning I was not given a choice of therapist or a choice when we changed therapists. I’ve never been fond fond of this therapist because she’s always a few minutes late and doesn’t really listen which results in my having to repeat the same things each and every week. I have asked her to assist with behaviors in the past because either I found them irritating or because I don’t allow them in my house and she has refused.

I would need a therapist that listens and knows without being told that it is overstepping their bounds to parent other people’s children. When we first started this the $55 an hour came out of my pocket and we could only afford one hour a week instead of the two that they try to make a minimum for the children. Then financial aid kicked in and we got two hours a week at no charge. A little later they in acted a $3 per week copay which means I know spend anywhere from $12 to $15 a month as a copay. Well, I got to thinking about it and if it weren’t for the financial aid aspect then I would have gotten rid of this particular therapist a long time ago.

Maybe I’m just a bit knick picky but if it’s not your child then you have no right to parent that child. I don’t even believe in grandparents rights so I sure as hell don’t believe in the rights of strangers. Some of the things that I do with my child are a financial issue and others are simply because I don’t believe in those things. Since we got Theresa’s diagnosis I’ve only been asked what she can do and never once what she was allowed to do. Since the end goal is to make a child that was once non-verbal with no social or play skills completely independent then I really everyone to be on the same page.

Savings Account Reopened…..

and already having to make withdrawals. I opened the account with the minimum and turned around to withdraw all but $10 so it stays open. I had to have the account but I also had to have money to make it through the rest of the month so that’s how it had to work.

I’ve managed to put some change aside and it seems that for a while change will be all that I manage to put aside. I managed to get Theresa’s OT changed so that it’s at the same place as the rest of her therapy so that saves a little bit of gas each week. The problem? There are no spots open close to the appointments we already have so we have a bit of a longer stay in town than I would like at times. I can handle that, but the waits that are more than an hour or two we drive across the street and go walk around stores which opens the door to temptation. I did good today, the only thing that I bought was lunch stuff at the grocery store.

We looked around the clothing store, I realized that it’s time to start saving some money for next years school clothes and I need shoes. Provided I can ever find the time I’ll have a few vegetables planted. I just need Theresa to cooperate to help take care of them. I think watering them could be good for her. Picking vegetables would be good for her too, sort of if she follows directions. That would cut down on my grocery bill, I just don’t want to try to dig up the yard because I don’t have a tiller. I’m still waiting for fruit trees I may just scrap up some money and buy one or two this year. I like fruit and I need shade. I just won’t put them where the house’ll be if we ever come up with the money to replace this place.

I have a plan to get it but I don’t know how I’m going to. I do have some repairs to do here before we can take care of that plan though. I managed to get enough work done so far that I’m satisfied with my next payout but it’s time to begin thinking about the summer and the fact that we’ll be missing one income. I have to make up the difference and I haven’t been motivated since school started. I still need $100 to cover a test for Theresa. I’ve almost figured it out.

Reopened Savings Account

Well, I finally managed to reopen my savings account. The problem now is that I really need the money that is in it. I am trying to earn enough right now to make up for that $50 initial deposit that I can not access until the paper work gets here and gets send back in to them. I have to stop and buy pull-ups and baby wipes tomorrow afternoon because Theresa uses pull-ups at night. She isn’t to the point she sleeps in a regular bed yet so getting up to take herself potty in the middle of the night is kind of out of the question.

I have to buy multivitamins for her too. As soon as I get the money I’ll be buying her the chew-ables. I have $15 in gift cards at Amazon, now if I can just get enough to get the washable overnight underwear for Theresa I’ll save a small fortune on pull-ups. I need to buy at least three pair since from the reviews I’ve read that while they work well they take a long time to dry. I’m hoping that I can hang them on the line to dry and cut down on the drying time.

I’ll be glad when I can keep the laundry under control so I can wash it by hand. I’m thinking of getting another plunger specifically for the laundry so I can wash it in a bucket and cut down the electricity use in the house. It’ll use less water too. I just have to buy a ringer to go with it, then hang them outside unless I can get enough water out to hang them in the house.

Ok that’s about it for now so I’ll be going.