Not going so well

OK the new work system won’t work for me and the amount of money that I need isn’t the amount that I’m going to be making. At least it’s not looking like it is at this point and time. I have no idea what to do since this stress is making me sick. That’s just what I need a trip to the doctor at $100 upfront because I don’t have insurance at the moment. Funny thing is that if I could afford the insurance I wouldn’t need it because that’d mean that I could afford the visit to the doctor’s office. DUH!

OK let’s see, Theresa has been out of fish oil for a couple of months because I keep forgetting to order it. I have a half of a tank of gas to get her to two appointments and the holiday visits until the next payday. Not looking good. The only bright spot is that the cable and Internet special aren’t up yet so I don’t have to disappoint the kid just yet by getting rid of the shows that teach her on demand. 

I figure that if I work seven days a week every available hour for a few months I should have it all figured out. OK the kid is destroying her packaging for one of her gifts which means that she won’t have anything to put her stuff in before long. I’m still working on getting rid of the things we don’t need and putting the things we can use where they can be found. Not buying things we don’t actually need should save some money. OK I’ve got work to do so I’ll be going for now.