Figuring It Out Again……

Learning to do everything alone would talk a bit of time. At the moment I am attempting to figure out just how many more hours I can get out of my day. There are always additional expenses at the end of the year but this year they seem to be hitting me harder than ever. I am in no position to take care of everything I can only hope that things manage to work out someway.

I seem to remember having this same problem this time last year, the only difference is that this time there is no changing my mind. I am getting a divorce which will once again make me a single parent. This time my child has special needs that require time, attention and money to take care of. In September of 2010 I made the decision to stop writing for other people and manage with what I could earn writing my own content in the time available to me. That change lasted almost one year before circumstances forced me to go back to private clients. This time everything has changed and I have no choice but to work every angle to ensure that I earn the amount of income that I require to meet even the most basic needs.

Scheduling Changes

My child is now at a half day preschool Monday through Friday. This means that I get up each morning and turn my computer on before I ever get her up and get in at least five minutes of preparation for the day. The bus picks her up at approximately 8:05 and drops her back off between 12:15 and 12:30 that afternoon. This gives me four hours to clean up the house while I work. Yes, I am guilty of cleaning house when I take a break from writing, someone has to do it. A total of twelve hours a week to write new content either my own or as a ghostwriter for others.

We still have therapy five days a week. Wednesday’s I pick my child up from preschool just before noon so she can have lunch before her one o’clock appointment. I typically pack it because of her issues with crowds and she has a picnic. Tuesdays we have two therapy sessions as well. The rest of the week we have one half hour session. These are the hours when I can and can not work. I typically use therapy now as a time to read and relax from the stress of the day.

How Much Do I Need to Earn?

I need to earn enough to cover the monthly expenses, my child’s needs and in the short term my divorce. The divorce is additional money that I would require making it a bit tricky to come up with. The least amount of money I need to cover it would be $500. Great, now to figure out where to get an extra $500.. I’m unsure of household expenses at the moment which makes this even more difficult.

The only clear thing?

The only thing that is clear to me right now is that I do not have enough facts and I am no where near prepared for the changes that are taking place so rapidly.

Change of Plans

I’ve had a change of plans once again. This week I managed to sell one article to Associated Content and submit another that’s still should be reviewed in the next week. I’ve found I work better listening to music so I’m going to be really tired with very little sleep as I find the times I get to listen to music uninterrupted.

Actually I can work while listening to a television show with the headphones as I type up an article. I figured out that I want a new computer, that way I have one to work on and one to watch shows on. Yes, I know it’s not needed but it’d be nice to have so I’ll dream. Oh, yeah I’m supposed to be talking about a change in plans so I guess I should get to it.

Monday and Wednesday mornings will be spent by taking two hours in front of the computer to write whatever comes to mind with my headphones on and the television set off. No exceptions for hubby since the baby will be at preschool during these times. Then I have from around 8pm until well midnight or later to get more work done. That’s at least four hours.

What am I focusing on now? I’ll be reviewing the items I’m buying of course since that’s one of the easiest ways to earn. I may even review some television series if I can stop watching them long enough to write about them. There are a number of older shows that I could those “where are they now” articles about the cast; sadly enough I’m just old enough that those actors have started passing away.

The holidays are closer so a lot of stuff will be holiday related. I think I can find the time for two more blogs provided I pick the subjects carefully. Starting with one more should be best since I have very specific ideas for the next two. It shouldn’t be that hard once the new schedule I have planned for the new year goes into effect. I’ll be getting a new appointment book soon to keep up with everything or maybe I’ll just buy an ink refill and print one out since the ones you buy never seem to have what I actually need in them.

Right now I’ve got an article on hold to write this. I couldn’t figure out what to say next so I decided to come here and update this thinking maybe I’d get an idea. Well, I have one now so it’s back to work.

Amazing to See Visible Progress

Theresa may not be cooperating to potty train all the time but what she is doing is amazing. I bought her a computer some time back, one of those kid computers with a few dozen choices of what to do. Well, lately she’s been doing “Find the missing letter” and amazingly enough even with her resistance to communicate she’s finding them about 80% of the time. When one comes up she doesn’t know she either finds a flash card with the word so she can fill in the letter or turns the small device on and off until it gets to one she knows. So far this week she’s played “Duck, duck, goose” (understood the game) and “musical chairs”although she didn’t associate the music with the chairs she had fun.

Preschool starts back Monday. So Monday and Wednesday mornings I’ll be without my baby. Guess I have a choice either work those for hours or use it to clean up what she’s just gonna mess up again when she gets home. She’ll have two speech sessions and one OT at the preschool. Then outside of preschool she’ll get one 45 minute OT, one 2 hour ABA and five 30 minute speech sessions each week. It’s time to go through her toys and get out the ones she’s outgrown and start using the ones she’s just learned how to use.

I still have to print out some individual pages for her to color, imitate, ect…. with but she’s not cooperating to show me which ones she needs the most so I guess I’ll just guess at it until she can vocalize that a little better. When schools starts back it’ll be easier, I’ll be able to take what she has to do in class and use it as a guide.

Well, it’s awfully late after such a long day so I’ll be calling it a night soon.