Repairs, repairs and repairs

Lovely fixing the pipe will cost just a little bit more than it would have originally. Seems that it helps to get all the parts before you crawl under the house. So until tomorrow I have water just not running water because some there are no cut offs under the house. This just means that I have to make up the difference to buy the one supplement that Theresa is gonna run out of this month or hope that she’s got just enough to last until the next payday.

I actually wish that my other half had spent some time trying to get the riding lawnmower to work. It’s like he doesn’t understand the grass actually needs cutting and he refuses to push the lawnmower around; it’s too much for one person to do alone. Alternating or maybe running two lawnmowers at once would be the best way to get it all cut.

I tried to reopen my savings account online a few days ago but I didn’t have any luck. It seems that this time I actually have to find the time to go to the bank and open it in person. Fun, fun, fun. I have yet to give into the temptation to turn the air conditioning on and be super cold until the reality that it’s not working properly kicks in.