Does Anything Ever Go Right?

I mean I don’t need a fortune but I would at least like to be able to pay the bills. My computer crashed almost two weeks ago now. That is two weeks I have been unable to work which means I have no money. My flat screen television set that I worked my fingers to the bone to buy a few years ago went to the pawn shop this morning. I need the money because nothing is coming together fast enough. My phone will cut off Thursday? I think it is due to an inability to pay the bill after purchasing one tiny bottle of vitamin D for my daughter. I am sitting at the library now with multiple windows open so I can get a tiny bit of work done as I update this with the timer ticking away. I have an hour and a half left of a hopefully two hour session. I spend more time than that running back and forth each morning to get to what I need to do. This whole spending two hours in one spot is making my brain a bit foggy.

In theory focusing on one task for two hours should be helpful but it would seem my mind is not designed that way. I would be getting better at typing on the strange keyboard which is useful it means that I can simply read for a few typos in my articles instead of having to delete large chunks for misspellings and other errors. I know that I can come out here every few days but not everyday with the price of gas and my trips have to be after therapy or before depending on the day. The bus doesn’t run until about 12:30 in the afternoon making it a bit tricky to come before with the prices of gasoline around town. I would be a bit worried about the time limit sense I like to log out of everything and I can just see the counter closing the page before I do.

I have article ideas which is good and I have a note book problem is that I find myself unable to read my own handwriting well enough to type it all up fast enough. The only bright part to all of this is that I am in love. I still get a giggly smile when I think of him and that makes the fact that I am broke a little bit easier to deal with. One day maybe I will have a steady income again and all this will appear to have been a bad dream. Well, I have to check and make sure the other window did what it was supposed to, try to update one of my other blogs, read my favorite and work on one of my articles at least all in less than an hour and a half now. Then I got to make sure I am signed out of everything. Have a good day eventually I will have Internet at home back. By then I will be spoiled to this large screen where I can see everything and be working to get a new computer. Well, I’ll need one eventually and it would be best to get it before mine is gone completely, at this point it is fixable but it may not be the next time.