Long Weekend Ahead

I was up until almost 1a.m. and as a result didn’t wake up until after 9a.m. this morning. That’s 7 hours of sleep, and I still feel as if my eyes are not going to stay open. Of course I’ve only been up an hour and a half so far. The coffee is getting cold faster than I can drink it. I got some things done yesterday that were rather productive.

I wrote a couple of things yesterday. I even published one. I am now making it a point to once again include links in my writing to items that I have already published. I need to increase traffic and once again gain exposure. That means I am editing some older things to bring them up to where they should be. I would be once again going back to private clients.

I would need some things that I can not afford in my typical budget which makes obtaining them other ways vital. By other ways I mean by increasing my work load to the point that not only are my expenses covered by my savings account is reopened. I have a book in mind, and if I can find the file I can get back to it.

I have to have $50 to reopen it and I am determined not to sell anything off to do so. I am also determined to turn this house into a one television household. That way I can still watch the shows I want to watch without taking time out of working to do it. Eventually I’d like to get rid of the television again all together however. I’m not sure why but I would. Days seem longer without one, or maybe not watching television just makes me more productive. Not that I watch much I usually listen to music on my computer while I work.

Well, speaking of work I might as well get back to it. I intend to be up just as late tonight and hopefully more productive than I was last night when it came to working.

Fear of Returning to Private Clients

While I have no choice at the moment I have a slight fear of returning to private clients. I’m not sure why I would, maybe because they demand so much time to make a living. I know that I am not ready to go back to the traditional work force just yet. I still need a little more time home with my baby.

There are a ton of bills left to pay this month, well maybe not a ton but enough to make me rather nervous that one of them will not get paid. Oh, well that’s life, and now I’ll be heading off to wade through job postings to determine by most viable option.

Praying for a Client

I seem to be fucked, er in a bind this month and I’m praying for a client to get me out of it. Now to find that client. I have no idea how to find a job that will pay me in the time frame that I need but I’m hoping that it’s possible to do. I actually need to go back to private clients full time, at least until I can return to the workforce outside the home. There are a million things that have to fall in place to do that.

I’m up to my ears in stress and have no idea what to do. I think that saving money is a priority right now but I have to have work to save that money and today the well ran dry. I have no idea what to do. The other half goes back to work tomorrow! I’m so happy I could scream!!

OK I”m going to search for work.

First Private Client in over a Year

I have decided that with recent events I have to take on my first private client in a year. I have a week from today to have all thirty of these articles complete and hopefully get paid a few days after. I can send them in smaller sets so I am really hoping that means I can get them approved as they are submitted.

I’m a bit paranoid that something will go wrong and I will miss my deadline or have the project cancelled in the middle. I have three more to finish of the first set of five that I intend to send off. After that they are broken up into two sets of ten and a set of five to finish them up. I suppose I could just do sets of five to keep my focus. These appear to be a bit harder than I thought but once I get into them I do believe my pay rate will compensate me.

OK I’ve got to get back to work. I also need to do the budget for the rest of the summer. I’m hoping that there are no more unexpected expenses that come up.