Almost productive and economical

I have managed two articles the entire weekend, well maybe three I’ve lost track. I managed to copy a few pages out of Theresa’s HWT workbooks so she use them. The books are expensive so we’re copying them. That way I know the kid actually worked at some point instead of just tearing, marking up and losing the pages. I managed to do a few of her cards with her to get her to tell me what you used for what already today. We take breaks, sometimes they’re too long but we take them.

I have to do some more laundry so the workday will be shorter than normal since we have preschool tomorrow. I plan to do my email checking before Theresa gets up. Once she goes to school I’ll be checking Textbroker and Ecopywriters for assignments.

OK that’s about all for now. Cutting expenses is difficult but I’m doing pretty good. Don’t really have a choice since my income keeps going down.
As you’ll see by the image of one of the workbooks she has they are expensive, just think we’re getting what she needs individually as she needs it, the entire set is enough to empty my wallet on most paydays lately.