No Conference for Me

Recently I received a full scholarship to go to a two day Autism conference that would have given me at least a week’s worth of articles to write. I was rather excited although a bit nervous about going and managing to stay away all day since it was at the end of the week. Well, less than a week after my scholarship was accepted I had to inform them that I would be unable to attend. I have a three foot problem, that’s too young to watch herself while I go. I’m not even sure why I took the scholarship to begin with, I knew that I couldn’t go in the back of my mind. There is no one close enough to watch her and I can’t afford to take her out of town just to go to the conference.

Spring Break is coming up and she has therapy so we can’t do anything that week. It’s not that I can afford to go anywhere but I would like to be able to if I wanted to. OK before I turn this into a rant I’m going to be going.