Only a Birthday to Go!

OK so as usual there was nothing normal about the holiday that just passed. It is now a forbidden word in this house until this time next year.  Long story, just take my advice and hope all exes evaporate into dust the moment you break up. Anyway.

Five All Ready??

Tomorrow the little one turns five. She has a few presents to open and due to a slight oversight on my part her cake will be late. She already had a carrot cake this month that she ate almost the entire thing by her tiny 3 foot, 35 pound self. So my little angel will be rather surprised when she finds a decorated cake one afternoon after school. Well, you ever tried to decorate a child’s cake as they attempt to eat the icing off of it and take out big chunks with tiny fingers? OK so maybe I want to delay her realizing she’s five. Tomorrow morning by the time she gets out of bed she will be a five year old.

Experiment Is Starting Early

Thanks to my heat refusing to cooperate and cutting itself off then not coming back on for me today I simply flipped the switch and left it off. Last time I turned a central unit off and left it off I managed to get a $50 light bill. (My light bill is currently on budget billing for $245 a month, it’s easier right now to know how much it is each month.) My water is still having tantrums. The part was replaced on the well but there is still something wrong so it keeps cutting itself off. So when my soon to be ex took a bath this afternoon, I poured up approximately 14 gallons of water out of it and put it in two five gallon buckets and my mop bucket to flush the toilet with.

Now in the event the well cuts off in the middle of the night there is no need to run outside. (I have water to wash my hands bottled separately.) OK not ideal but it saves a trip outside in the cold and the well doesn’t run as much. Lovely, not my idea of fun but it’ll work.

When the light bill gets here I’ll know the total amount of under budget I am. This month I think it was only $10 under and I need the total. I could really use a month without a light bill instead of another settle up bill. The goal is to not have a large bill due the month that the actual amount of the bill plus any overages have to be paid but to have at least one month without a light bill.

Moving On

Now that the holiday is over, all the decorations off the tree and it has been retrieved from it’s landing spot in the front yard it can go back in the box. Yes, it is early but well, I don’t think it’ll survive if it doesn’t get put back away since I have already thrown it out the front door once.