How to Guide – Published

My first “how to guide” on being a freelance writer was approved with a few minor edits. I’m happy. I spent more than a day on it trying to figure out where everything actually went. I haven’t done much for upfront payments; actually I haven’t done anything for upfront payment since the new month began.

I have done a few diary pages at wikinut but I think I’ve told you that already. I can’t log into Associated Content hopefully that’ll be fixed in a day or so then I can submit more content there. So in the meantime I’ll continue to work on how to guides.

Tomorrow I get to pay the light bill which is right at $320 and my cable bill which is $80 after I go to the eye doctor to see just how much damage I did when I poked myself in the eye with the arm of my classes. I really dread seeing that bill. Since I need to make up for the cost of the unplanned for eye exam I’m going to work now to see how much I can get done with one eye closed.

So Far Only Diary Pages Written

So far it’s been about three days since the month started over for me. I haven’t done much writing; instead I’ve done laundry, dishes, and some other boring cleaning. I’ve been writing at wikinut mostly these past few days in the Diaries section. It gives me somewhere to write about the day with the potential to earn from it.

I have been rating and leap frogging at Helium. I looked at my zones today and realized they were out of date or rather the name was. It’s going to take me a while to fix that. I have no idea where to begin. I can edit them all day long but there are no changes being made to them where I want them to be.

Oh well, it’s Tuesday so it’s almost time for NCIS and I refuse to miss it. I have two months when Tuesday nights are free and I’m using all of them to my benefit. In two months I have to start over making four out of six ABA driven parenting classes for my financial aid requirement. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth it.

OK I’ll be back to update you more later.

Acting Like Any Other Kid

Yesterday afternoon I took Theresa to a birthday party. She had a blast. Those big blue eyes and cutesy smile were a hit. Once she got comfortable the words began to flow, they didn’t always make sense but they were there. She walked around, stared at tattoos and piercings and acted up some.

Theresa actually enjoyed being around people that were more use to actual kids instead of what textbooks told them as a reference. I swear there are times when it gets really annoying to have a therapists that only knows what’s in the charts tell me my three year old is just being three. One day maybe they’ll realize that they don’t spend a quarter of the time with their children that I spend with mine and then don’t spend a quarter of a quarter of the time with mine that I do.

Oh well, eventually I’ll be able to move away from here and it won’t be an issue anymore.

Slow and Easy to Start the Month

The recent work changes that I made are going rather well. I know my working month seems strange but the way it runs is from the 25th of one month to the 24th of the next and payday is the 10th of the following month. It makes for an interesting schedule and means that I have to spread my work out as much as I possibly can to make the most of what I do. I also have to participate in active promoting to get something real accomplished by the end of the month.

I have managed to write one entire article yesterday and today. That’s fine. The new pace means that I can actually get more productive as time goes by and get more done which will increase my productivity.

I have one splurge in mind, a three meat-meatloaf with onions, mixed peppers and such that is both gluten and casein free for Theresa. It’s going to be a nice way to make the budget stretch and figure out how to cut recipes to suit the three of us. It’ll be kind of fun too. I have more time to cook so I can actually make more of Theresa’s food instead of buying the obscenely priced ready made items that are hit and miss when it comes to taste.

I think that now I may be able to update both of my blogs daily and eventually create another one that’s updated every few days and still relevant when it’s posted. Bye for now, time to get the last of the weekend things done so that I can have the baby off and on the school bus on time in the morning.

Most of the Day Off

I’ll be taking most of the day off. Today starts a new month of earnings in one place while continuing in the same month for other things. I’ll be taking most of the day off today but I will get some work done today probably after Theresa goes to bed.

I figured up my expenses against my regular income and guess what. There’s enough to cover the bill right now and not much else. No problem. I get to go over everything and see where else expenses can be cut. I have a few areas that I know I can cut I just have to make sure that I’m careful with them.

Theresa is a picky eater but she’s not a picky eater. Last time we went to the store I saw gluten free pretzels that were half as much as the ones I normally buy her so I figured we could try them. I’m not crazy about the taste but Theresa seems to like them, then again she likes rice cakes too. I just opened the bottle of Gain dish washing liquid that I had a coupon to get free last month so I can write a review on it and earn a little of money off of it.

You know I like the fact that there is even a place that I can write and earn money on things that I use each and every day. I think I’ll do a couple of diary submissions at Wikinut tonight since that’s the only place I’ve seen to put them. I’m going to try to write a new AC article and a couple of Helium articles since the month started over. Helium may have to wait until I leap a couple of older articles. My days are getting more organized and easier as the time passes.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back shortly with more updates.

Hyperactive Child

These past few days have been rather interesting. Theresa has been rather hyper because of all the foods she got that she’s not supposed to have. She was rather aggressive last night slapping and kicking me in the face. That’s what I get for letting her have things that are definite no-nos. She missed her supplements actually several doses this week.

I still haven’t gotten them fixed this morning instead I’ve been doing dishes, laundry and other housekeeping that’s been neglected for a while. OK her supplements are fixed and her daddy’s giving them to her now. I have to figure out where in the house I’m going to hang my laundry since it may rain again today. It rained just long enough yesterday to annoy me. I’m hoping it doesn’t do it again today.

This afternoon if nothing goes wrong I plan to take Theresa to a birthday party and watch as she interacts with other kids. She’s being lazy today and refusing to make complete sentences so that’s what we’re pushing this weekend. OK time to get back to the world whether I want to or not, still got some things to do before we leave.

So Far So Good

Well, so far the new work tactic is working out pretty well. My last client payed the day after I sent the articles to her. I love that she checked them so quickly. This new venture may be badly timed but that’s fine too.

My savings accounts are now officially and completely empty. That means I’ll be doing a lot of promoting between the times I find to write. I’m kind of use to being broke so it should be fine, cutting corners is my specialty. I actually managed to write two articles yesterday. The first is about the changes and the other is about how I spent my day I don’t know why but I felt the need to write about my day and the new changes. I’m rather satisfied with the articles even though neither one are in areas that usually get upfront payments. Articles are articles.

During therapy today I’m going to work on reading the book I started and haven’t had much time for. It’s a mindless romance that while I’m not really fond of them is relaxing to read. I think I’ll review it when I finish. There are tons of things that I want to review and I can money by doing it. The change to no longer taking private clients means I have more time for my work and my family.

It’s almost time to make another batch of laundry detergent. I’ve only got a little bit left in the bucket so I’m going to pour it into a small container and go ahead and make the other batch tonight so I don’t run out. The next time I make it I have to go buy part of the supplies but that’s OK too. It still works out cheaper than purchasing other detergents. I’m finding the time once again to order samples of things so I can try and review them without spending any money.

I listed all my income sources yesterday and I have a good bit of them. Maybe now I can organize my time so that all of them are taken advantage of during the week instead of being forced to focus on one or two during the month. Who knows when I get rested up I may take on private clients again. I’ll just make sure I only take projects that pay well and have long deadlines.

OK off to make a tiny bit of money before we leave for therapy. I may take a few minutes to put my goals down on some index cards so I can post them around my work space. I saw a spiral book of large sized index cards this morning that’ll work well for that. The pages tear out so I can post them but it’s sturdy enough I can take it with us and write them out while we’re gone so I don’t feel like I’m missing family time.

Theresa’s New Loves

Theresa is making amazing progress. Her latest love is “Ye- Haw” she’s been watching the “Dukes of Hazzard”. Nothing gets her attention faster than when she hears that phrase. Oh well, I’ll take it.

I have to say that I’m enjoying my new schedule or lack of one. Yesterday I managed to get one article written while she was at school and I did some some laundry. The rest of the day even inspired an article. I think all in all it was a rather good day considering that I managed to get home therapy into the mix. The therapy she was supposed to be getting at home had been greatly cut into with all the deadline pressures.

We have OT and speech back to back today so while we’re gone I’m going to see how much farther I can get in the book I’ve been trying to read. Since my computer won’t hold a charge  I still have paper backs. If I can ever get through them all I can go trade them in 2 for 1, get something new to read at no cost while cutting the amount of books I have in half.

Theresa’s step grandmother has already begun buying for Christmas. She doesn’t listen very well but mostly she got what I put on the list. As long as we don’t have a repeat of last year, I should be able to control my temper this year. Well, it’s almost time to get ready to go so I have to go make sure I have everything in order for the day.

All Done

Well, I finished up my last private project a couple days early. Now all that’s left is to wait while the client goes through them and get paid. Time to focus on my own writing once again. The only down side is that my savings account is now empty, so is my baby daughters.

The summer saw a drastic reduction in income with an increase in bills because things kept breaking. Once school started back our income increased slightly, then my radiator burst. $323 to fix it, money set aside to pay the next month’s bills. Well, the problem was resolved when some income that we were expecting to loose came back. Then a few days ago my husband did something stupid. Well, he’s going to be broke for about a month but me and our daughter will be just fine.

Tomorrow begins the first day in the scariest venture ever. I begin writing my own stuff again and nothing but my own stuff for a while. This is going to be interesting. Wish me luck and send me some inspiration.

B-12 shots

The latest in Theresa’s long list of supplements is a B-12 shot every three days. She’s doing well on them and so far has only missed one. She gets a little upset when she gets the shot but she’s fine in a couple minutes. Her speech is up and she’s processing more. It’s amazing. There are some studies and more information on B-12 that I’ll post the links for when I can see straight.