Just a Boring Sunday

Once again I didn’t manage to leave the house today which is kind of relaxing for me. I started an article, updated my working blog and decided to start two more. Theresa was a little angel today, she even took a nap while I listened to music and online shows as I wrote. I also did a few Internet searches for odds and ends that I didn’t find.

Most of the day was spent without heat or air conditioning turned on since the day was kind of comfortable for the most part. I actually like it when I can open the windows and have fresh air I’m just not that big on going out side anymore. I’m not sure I think Dove season is the biggest pain in the butt ever; I really prefer to sit outside and inside for that matter without hearing gun shots.

I’ve got too many ideas going around in my head. There are a million things I want like a new house, it doesn’t have to be big it just has to be in one piece. I want a fenced in yard (front and back) except for the driveway into the garage. I don’t particularly want to pay a mortgage, home owners insurance and my own repair bills but I’d love to have a small plot that didn’t take that long to take care of. I need the fence so that Theresa can play outside without having to chase her every four seconds.

OK now it’s time to go finish my day. I got a few hours and in about two I’m going to go soak in a nice hot bubble bath to relax and have uninterrupted me time. IF it’s interrupted for any reason other than my child needs something I’ll be hiring armed guards for the next time.