New Schedules and Routines

In light of recent events there have been some unexpected changes to the way that I do things. My entire routine has been changed, at least for now. I am up by 5a.m whether I want to be or not. It’s a little habit I developed when I was without Internet access. I am working as fast as I can in order to ensure that I can make up the income that I lost. I may not be able to make up that lost time but I can make sure that next month isn’t the same way. I will be taking $50 as soon as it is available and reopening my savings account.

There are things that I need, among them a divorce. Well, I am well aware that I can file the papers myself. I just have to find the correct ones. I found out yesterday that the filing fees are or were only $170. I intend to come up with that very shortly and very carefully. I would also be in need of a vehicle that I can drive without any current problems that has decent gas mileage. The problem is that with current expenses I can not afford a car payment even with a trade in. This means I have to come up with a new plan.

Getting up at five in the morning gives me the opportunity to take care of little things such as checking my email and seeing if there is any work available that is not part of my regular schedule for the day. Those two things can be knocked out while I enjoy a cup of coffee or two as the rest of the house sleeps. I am beginning to enjoy this time alone and if I budget it carefully I can even grab a shower without hearing anyone call my name. I do love not having to wait until everyone leaves the house for the morning to jump in the shower and have time to myself.

Well, I have found that four precious hours in the morning allow me to do housework while working for a living and that it is starting to go better now. I have my computer back, a portable Internet connection and a fully charged battery. Today since I will be stuck at therapy long past the 2:45 that we are scheduled to get out due to a lack of transportation I will be taking my computer in hopes of achieving some work during the afternoon. I may even take my charger in the event my battery runs low before I am done working.

Well, it’s almost time to go get the kid so I need to wrap up a few things before I can shut down. I’ll be back later to let you know how this afternoon went with my pile of stuff and my kid.

Minimum Work Ability

I have managed to get some work done and submitted during the last few days. I’m not sure how much more I can get done but that little bit makes me feel better than I did. I am working on some articles in my word processor only to discover that I prefer the use of Google Docs to write articles in which gives me the advantage of online storage. The one problem is that I can not check my grammar meaning I have to be extra careful. I guess that would help improve my writing if I am always responsible for my own editing as word processors do not catch everything.

I know I am going to have to purchase more internet to get by until the first of the month. I have a feeling that I will need to spring for unlimited access prior to the first of the month. I wish I had been able to afford it when I got my new device. I do enjoy once again not being tied to my desk however. I will get back to unlimited access I have to I have used up half my data allotment in the last three days. The end of the month is a couple weeks away. At least I can write offline until I get it back if I run out of data. I can resist the urge to over draw my bank account just to have Internet access and do without it as long as I have some way to write.

Well, I’m running short on time so I”m going to go get back to the work I’d planned to do online before I call it a day.

Back to Work!!

It has been two weeks since my computer tore up. I have itback temporarily at the moment and am able to work. In fact I began the processof lowering bills already. My mother has had it for two weeks and finally saidit was working well enough that I can use it. It is humming but it connects tothe Internet and it stays on. I have to make up for the last two weeks and if Iam online I find myself easily distracted so I decided to work offline while Icatch up.
I even lowered my Internet bill for the time being. Mymother purchased some groceries and gave me some money since I had been out ofwork and did not have a payday this past week. I put the groceries awayfiguring that we could make them last a few weeks and then I began thebudgeting of the money that she gave me. First thing was to get my televisionout of the pawnshop, $62.50. (My youngest had been promised the Peanut Festivalon Special Citizens Day)
She had a blast dragging me on rides that made me feel olderthan I realized I was as I got dizzy every time. Her father (my soon to be ex)watched and laughed the whole time. She ended up with a $5 frog when the manheld the balloon so that she could just pop it with the dart. Somehow I wemissed lunch because I was tired and dizzy causing us to sit down and losetrack of time. Oh well.
I also invested in a portable Internet device and purchasedone GB of Internet for $20. I figure that I can use that much easily and get alot of work posted while I wait for mother to pick my computer back up to finishfixing it. My keys are sticking but I saw a keyboard for $10 that would beeasier for me to use than the flat keyboard that is on it. There is an optionfor $10 Internet that would have me spending approximately $40 a month, $50 amonth would get me unlimited access but I can not afford that right now. Ispent more than I should on the device but I had to get back to work.
It took almost $60 to fill the tank on my Rodeo to get usback and forth for hopefully the next two weeks. I changed my phone to 20 centsa minute and placed $10 on it to use in an emergency. It was better thanleaving it off I just had to disable incoming text messages to make it work. Idon’t have to pay the bill again until the 8th of February so let’s hopeI can stretch that $10 out some to make it easier for a while.
I refigured my basic expenses and I have a betterunderstanding of what I need to do. That is a post for another day. I have toget back to work ASAP. I’m running back and forth from the housework to thekeyboard to make sure I don’t get bored sitting in one spot.It has been two weeks since my computer tore up. I have itback temporarily at the moment and am able to work. In fact I began the processof lowering bills already. My mother has had it for two weeks and finally saidit was working well enough that I can use it. It is humming but it connects tothe Internet and it stays on. I have to make up for the last two weeks and if Iam online I find myself easily distracted so I decided to work offline while Icatch up.

Planning for the Move and Making Changes

As you know we’re planning to move. I want to move by the end of the year but I’m afraid that isn’t going to be possible with all the expenses that we have. Yesterday I increased my phone bill from $21.80 a month to $32.70 a month so that I could have 1500 anytime minutes, unlimited data, text messaging and web usage during the month. I’m on the go a lot and sometimes need to access stuff away from my computer. Now to purchase a new phone out of next years tax return provided that we get one so I can do more from my phone.

I’m thinking of making my Internet pre-paid but at the moment I can’t justify the slight increase in cost for an unlimited portable connection. So far the last year found me cutting off my cable which thanks to my outdoor antenna and increased number of channels (even though they only come in sometimes) with the digital transition I don’t miss it that much. Of course I have Internet to watch shows on so I’m not that deprived.

The cost of moving includes deposits, pet deposits, gas for moving our things and transferring the lights. I can get boxes for free or go ahead and find some storage containers and just move things in what there new homes will be. I have no idea where I’d like to move I just know that for the moment I’d like to be in town since it’s closer to the schools and to therapy. I want to move to a different city and since the local Autism clinic has moved I think I just might. Provided we can do something about the cars.

My other half would need a new job but if we move out of town I’ll have to get one outside the home too. Oh well plans are plans and they can be changed.

It’s definitely Monday

Well, I can tell it’s Monday already. Of course being as it’s half past noon I should know it’s Monday by now. I have been looking at the budget, yes I’m bringing it up again. I have the feeling that we’ll be scraping by on the skin of our teeth, cutting a few corners in the new year. The pest control is the first casualty since that’s $33 a month that we can see immediately as being used elsewhere or saved. The last is not likely for a few months.

I’m still trying to see how much electricity we used this month. The budget amount for the bill is $200 each month; the last bill showed that so far we have a credit of $76.34. That’s not too bad of course the summer hasn’t gotten here yet so there could still be an amount that we have to pay when the budget billing is reviewed. I’m tired of having to unplug behind everyone and I’d love to have a working dryer so the laundry didn’t pile up when it was cold or rainy.

I have to have Internet access to work which I haven’t done much of lately so I guess I can get a plan with limited access until I go back full time. The cable it’s a luxury that can be reduced to keep the cable bill down. OK I’m gone, this is getting depressing.

Wondering about this and that…..

First I’m wondering why Firefox won’t display all the images that I need it to. I still haven’t figured out where to go in order to get it to display everything it’s supposed to. I’m wondering if I should have just done the original blog as Odds and Ends and made pages out of the other two. Sounds silly to have that dawn on me now. I wonder if I can merge the three? Probably not because each one is supposed to focus on something.

One is to focus on family and writing, one on work and savings and this one. Well, this one is to let my mind wander off. You know I’ve noticed that updating them each and everyday is sometimes easier said than done. I also noticed that I don’t know where I put the list of blogs I’m following so others can click to read them if they want.

I know January will see changes to my Internet at least. I’m opting for the one that’s half of what this one is when it’s not on special. I have to make some changes to the television service too. Problem. The only change takes away the “On Demand” which saves a small fortune in movie rentals and buying videos for the kid to decide she doesn’t like them in a day or so. It also keeps me from stepping on DVD’s that she’s broken.

I just realized it’s been at least a year since I watched any of the movies on tape around here. Well, if we cut the cable off I’m sure I will but probably not. I’m thinking that I should go through them and take the ones I want to a safe place away from toddler hands. I’m looking for a smaller portable alternative to the bulky VHS and DVD that are everywhere here. Stacks and stacks of things I like at one time, watched a few dozen times and got bored of.

Well, it’s only 7 at night and I’m exhausted. The weather report if for overnight thunder storms and I want to be asleep for those. I also want to be out of this trailer and on the ground soon. I’m afraid that I’ll never be on the ground again though. Ten years ago the plan was to build a house beside where this sits and have this moved out. Actually, it’s been eleven years now and I’m no closer than I was then. Oh well, I’ll think of something. At this point I’m willing to help lay the foundation and learn to frame to get it done. I can do all the painting inside myself as long as no one’s around to distract me or I’m not in a hurry.

Well, that’s it for today.

Wandering thoughts

I have let yet another weekend pass without managing to do much of anything. I’m not sure if it’s the chill that was in the air or the fact that I am addicted to my computer but we spent both days of this beautiful weekend inside. I know that I have to do something about this computer addiction even if it’s just saving up my money to purchase a new battery for my laptop so I can write outside.

The problem with working outside is that I would need a wireless connection to the Internet. While I have broadband I have the misfortune of being tied to the connection. I hope one day to buy a wireless router but in the mean time I would like to make sure I find the cheapest alternative to the connection that I have now. The price for working from home is getting to be outrageous with my hours being drastically reduced.

This past week saw some changes to the therapy schedule, one change has to be rescheduled to make up for the missed session. The other change is permanent. I no longer have to worry about setting my alarm on Tuesday mornings, the therapy appointment was moved from 10a.m. to 1:30p.m. While this will keep up from planning anything that day I think it might help with my productivity since I can get more done before we go and errands can easily be run afterward.

My work schedule is changing yet again. I think that getting up before six in the morning makes me a bit more productive as long as I can get my emails out of the way before I start the work day. Today of course is Monday yet again, Theresa is having the peanut butter sandwich I promised her for breakfast.

So far I set my alarm for 5:30 am on school days and lately I’ve been hitting the snooze a lot. Well, I said this was a place for my mind to wander and wander it has. I have to go get it back on track for the two articles I’m in the middle of writing right now.