Wishes and Wants

Of course since I’m broke until at least one of my payments gets processed I’m wishing and wanting things just because I don’t have the money to go get them. There are a few dozen items on Amazon.com I want just to have something to enjoy and a couple dozen more I could actually use. The items that I could use would save me money after the initial costs and it would only take a month or two of using them to get back my investment.

I find myself in need of a new pair of shoes, I have a pair that is starting to break down and hurt my feet. The pair I replace with them is still OK on the outside but they hurt my feet. I found myself trying to wear a pair of old boots I used to wear to work in today. It didn’t take long to realize why I don’t wear them anymore. Leather is not a very forgiving material when it comes to shoes, while it may be fine for a jacket on your feet it can be pure torture when you actually expect to use what you have purchased once it gets wet and the material has shrunk.

I am reading Wife No. 19 in my spare time, I have it stored in Google Docs so that it does not take up my precious memory on my computer. It’s an interesting read I just wish there was a feature to allow me to go directly to the last page I read instead of scrolling down the side to find the page. I installed Kindle for PC a few days ago and have one book on it that I’m waiting to read until I finish this one. Well, I don’t earn wishing and I can’t get what I need with them so I’ll be going now.