Why Frugal Living?

I’ve read a lot on frugal living lately and I have to say it’s all getting to be a bit confusing. Some of the methods people use are reasonable while others make you wonder what tragic event they encountered that made them afraid to live. Then I began to take a closer look.

When it comes to earnings and savings there are a lot of factors in play. Married people are often assumed to have more income when in fact that’s far from the case. Some married people working age make about the same as a retired person living on the fixed income of social security. Add kids to this lower level of income and you have a formula for fear.

Then there are the single parents that seem to work so much they feel as if they never get to see their kids. It always seemed to me that when I left the house to go to work and put my baby in a daycare that I was missing out on something. The last few years at home with my Autistic little one have proven that I was right.

I spent the last three (almost four) years home with my little angel. When you go to work you miss the firsts, crawling, steps, words and boo-boos. So maybe even the most extreme of the extreme ideas aren’t that extreme if it means you can stay home with the baby for just a little while longer.

Single Mom Again

Well, marriage number three is over. I’m on the way to being a single mom once again. This time to an Autistic toddler that needs extensive therapy and constant supervision. To think I was in such a good mood yesterday. The day was going great then something changed and I got tired of always having my plans ruined.

The last few years have been difficult somehow we always managed to make it through. You’d think that surviving an Autism diagnosis for your child, two years of unemployment and various ups and downs as income decreased and bills increased would make you stronger. When you think that things can’t get any worse they do.

Even the best of intentions can cause pain when things are done without paying attention to what’s going on. Sometimes the things that you consider to be helpful are the most harmful when you haven’t been listening. The worse part is that it all could have been avoided with a little attention to detail. I know I’m self absorbed but I do pay attention to what other people say. I don’t require a lot of attention but I do require you to listen to important matters such as how we keep a roof over our heads and food on our table.

Little things can upset the budget and throw you out of wack when it comes to having a budget so tight you’re lucky to have money left half way through the month. I have enough to occupy my time without worrying that the lights will be cut off because of stupidity.

Once again this is going to be continued later because it’s getting way too long. That and I’m tired of listening to my own thoughts run around in my head. Guess, I need a new blog since the name here doesn’t really fit anymore.

To Be Continued

I have been up since just before six this morning. Right now I have three windows open to write in and one open to blog in. I was reading an article on how to write multiple articles in a short amount of time and that was one of the tips mentioned. I’ve always managed to write numerous articles when I had no choice but to write multiple articles at one time that was a foreign matter all together. Anyway I decided to give it a try. 

Well, I got a blog post written at Sidetick about working and wanting to work than ever lately. I was reading an article by Lyn Lomasi on writing multiple articles in a short time span and thought I’d try some of the things she suggested. So far the tips are working well enough I’ll be referring back to that specific article repeatedly. Right now I’m wishing that I had more than one computer to work on because my screen isn’t big enough and my memory won’ t allow me to use more than four windows at once without locking up my computer.

I did the blog post until I was finished because I was actually into it. Now I’m working on this which will be posted on my blog when I’m done while I write a review of a website and take notes on an article that I outlined. So far this is a rather productive morning. I updated my checkbook in the middle of all this and paid hubby’s phone bill so his phone wouldn’t shut off! I even figured out that he can get a hair cut today. Now to figure out the child support he owes.

I have a feeling that I’m not going to like the answer since we’ve barely been covering the bills the last few months. The good news is that it can be caught up, his ex-wife is rather understanding about it because she knows that she’ll get it eventually. I think it’ll be the 1st before we can even pay a week, I know it’ll be the first before I can replace the bottle of Complete Formula that Theresa needs. It’s only $35 and I don’t have it because we had extra bills last month. I have to figure out how to come up with it and at least a 4oz bottle of fish oil for her.

Theresa diet is getting cheaper but I need to make an appointment to go over her diet again. Lately she’s been getting things she’s not supposed to have without behavioral issues (at least not extreme issues) so I’m wondering if her gut is healing or if she’s just on so many supplements that it’s not affecting her as much.

Since it’s Halloween I decided to let her have whatever she wants this weekend. We’ll see how it goes.

Rainy and dreary

It’s rainy and dreary out. My alarm didn’t go off this morning. I checked to see why and somehow I’d managed to set it for tonight. Good thing I don’t work the night shift anymore or I wouldn’t have woken up in time to realize that it hadn’t gone off.

Theresa is being rather good this morning even though I bought her the wrong milk. Oh well, it’s all I have so she used it this morning. She got her B-12 shot yesterday. Last night I finally realized why that needle never looked right, it should be much smaller and not long enough to go into the muscle. Of course for the pharmacy to give me the right needle I’d have to be somewhere that had progressed into the time we’re in now.

I’m really hoping that it doesn’t rain the day of the special citizens day at the fair. If the weather is bad she won’t get to go. We have to be at the gate at 8:15 that morning. I hope I don’t oversleep that morning or I’ll have a mad toddler on my hands. I still don’t know what I’m going to do about lunch that they because she can’t have what they’re going to serve. I have to send her food to school because she can’t have so many things.

I’m going to enjoy going to therapy in the rain, the buildings are always colder when it rains and these people drive like maniacs. Oh well, back to work now so I can earn money to go buy Theresa the ice cream she’s asking herself for. She’s entirely too social now, she keeps walking up to strange boys and kissing them.

Relearning How to Meet a Deadline

I’m stuck lately on what to write, when to write and finding time to write. I am going back to research and deadlines. I have to have deadlines or I’m never going to get back to earning enough to make a living. I have a very limited time line to work in so I have to make the most of it.

I have two mornings a week to work uninterrupted that lately I’ve been using to catch up on housework. I have to clean the house but I need to get a lot of stuff thrown out so that I have less time cleaning up and more time working when I can. I also have a tendency to go to bed early lately and get up earlier although I don’t seem to get much done getting up earlier.

I used to do my best work late at night I’m beginning to wonder if I can’t do that again. Oh, well I’ve got to get ready to go before the kid gets home from school so I’ll be back later.

Way too early in the morning

It’s way too early in the morning. It’s barely 6 a.m. and I’ve been up for an hour already. It’s hot as it can be in here, my thermostat says that it’s 75 degrees. I’m wondering what happened to those nights bordering on cold and when they’re coming back. I’m really glad I’m not to the West or North there’s a horrible looking storm moving through and it’s not done moving across country.

Theresa was up a minute ago I don’t hear her now so I guess she decided to roll over and put the covers over her head. I had to give her the B-12 shot yesterday. Kelly had to go get her youngest and she wasn’t back by the time we finished therapy. So Kara and Jennifer held Theresa so she didn’t knock the needle out and I gave her the shot in her leg. I did good considering I was as nervous as could be after the last incident with the needle when she knocked it out and got cut with it. The shot is temporary though, over the Thanksgiving holidays I’m going to have to get the nasal spray because I won’t have anyone to hold her down so she can get her shot.

The nasal spray doesn’t get the same results as the shot but I won’t have to listen to horror stories. Share my pain, mother is a nurse. Last night she came to check on hubby and once again she’s concerned about Theresa’s medications and supplements. Well it seems when she first started nursing that she had a patient that had been stuck so much she had an infection. She drew back the plunger on the needle to see if blood came back so she’d know if she hit a vain and she got puss. Gross! If that wasn’t enough she reminded me that there are nerve endings in the leg, well the whole body has nerve endings. The point being if I were to miss and hit a nerve Theresa could become paralyzed.

The B-12 shots are temporary to bring up her language and help with her memory. The alternatives don’t work as well it has something to do with them being absorbed that it’s too early in the day for me to remember now. I did look at the alternatives before I decided to put her on the shot.

I have to remember to get her lab results today, I forgot yesterday. I was so caught up in giving her the shot that I didn’t even think about the results of the labs when Kelly stopped to ask if I needed her for the shot. I hope she’s there today, I think she’s going to be at the doctor’s office today but I’m not sure.

OK enough rambling I have some work to do before we go to therapy today. On the way home I have to stop at the clinic and the grocery store to pick up something for us to eat for the rest of the week. Hubby is going back on his diet, I’ll be doing all the shopping for him now. He’s not going to be happy, Theresa’s diet would eliminate a large part of his problem if he’d eat it without complaining which he won’t. Well, I’ll be back soon.

Just another weekend

It’s just another weekend here and it’s almost over. I sometimes which that we had three and four day weekends more often. I get so tired during the week taking Theresa to therapy, working around therapy and trying to work in enough time with her so she doesn’t end up pulling at me to get my attention in the middle of work. She’s so smart that it’s scary.

I did manage to write one new article and get some editing done. Budgets are much fun, I think I figured out how many plastic training pants Theresa needs. Two packs should take care of it, then I have to buy one more pack of plastic pants and a pack of training pants and she’ll have enough to take care of two to three days.

Friday I realized that one of her therapist can’t tell the difference between a question and a statement when she’s in a hurry. It’s also kind of annoying when you make a statement and someone answers a question. It’s almost the holiday season so I’ll be putting up with that a lot. In-laws make the best annoyances when they like to make decisions they have no business making.

OK off to edit the second article of the weekend and try to write one more. I’ll edit it tomorrow. I’m going to work on my resume tomorrow too. Hopefully I can find the template since I can’t remember how to put one together. I’m hoping next weekend will give us an opportunity to do something fun. The 3rd we go to the fair so that Theresa gets to experience it for the first time.

Sold an Article and Did Most of the Budget

I managed to sell an article on the Gluten/Casein free diet to Associated Content this week. It seems to have taken forever to get it processed. I figured out that I don’t see a difference in pay when I choose non-exclusive or exclusive. I also figured out that at my current rate I’d need to write and have approximately thirty a week excepted to help supplement my income enough to keep up with my rising costs.

I got most of my budget redone last night. My light bill has finally gotten the new budget amount; it’s $200 a month and we were around $50 under budget for the current bill. That’s good so hopefully we’ll continue on that path so that we end up with a month we don’t have to pay the bill so we can buy a few things we’re gonna need by then. I know it seems silly to pay $200 a month for utilities when you don’t use that much but if we don’t we end up not knowing what the bill is each month. We also end up with just one month when the bill can be outrageous instead of several of them. My dryer hasn’t worked in months so that’s one temptation I don’t have to worry about and the weather has been nice enough just to use fans for most of this month!

The afternoons are a little warm but the mornings and the nights are just right. I’d leave a window open at night but it’s been too cold although my heat is only coming on once for about ten minutes. The bad news is that I have to pay the remaining $32 on my eye doctor visit next month and we get to start paying my auto insurance by the month on top of Theresa’s supplements. One of her supplements went down to once a day which means it’ll last 100 days at $15 a bottle which is less than $7 a month, I think that’s just an estimate.

OK I have rambled long enough it’s time to think of something else to write about.

Long Week

It’s been a bit of a long week here with everyone getting back into their routines. Theresa has had the easiest time since she thrives on routines. We managed to get to therapy on time without incident this week; we even managed to go to a parent teacher conference. Theresa answered questions using pictures and got them all correct. She refused to talk because they were trying to show me how well she does with them.

Today we have to stop at the pharmacy and pick up one of her prescriptions when we get out of therapy. She’ll hopefully get a B-12 shot today. She’s not happy getting them but the results are great. I feel guilty about her getting stuck so often but she’s making great progress and I have to make sure all of her levels are monitored to ensure she’s not having any negative effects.

The food diary I started for her needs some serious work. I keep forgetting to fill it in. I guess I’m just going to have to make a sign for the “helpful” grandparents informing them that the “helpful grand-parenting” isn’t appreciated; especially when they’re refusing to respect my beliefs the way they usually do.

OK it’s time to go to therapy so I’ll be going for now. The weekend is here!! I get to work through it once again but that’s OK too.

Just a Boring Sunday

Once again I didn’t manage to leave the house today which is kind of relaxing for me. I started an article, updated my working blog and decided to start two more. Theresa was a little angel today, she even took a nap while I listened to music and online shows as I wrote. I also did a few Internet searches for odds and ends that I didn’t find.

Most of the day was spent without heat or air conditioning turned on since the day was kind of comfortable for the most part. I actually like it when I can open the windows and have fresh air I’m just not that big on going out side anymore. I’m not sure I think Dove season is the biggest pain in the butt ever; I really prefer to sit outside and inside for that matter without hearing gun shots.

I’ve got too many ideas going around in my head. There are a million things I want like a new house, it doesn’t have to be big it just has to be in one piece. I want a fenced in yard (front and back) except for the driveway into the garage. I don’t particularly want to pay a mortgage, home owners insurance and my own repair bills but I’d love to have a small plot that didn’t take that long to take care of. I need the fence so that Theresa can play outside without having to chase her every four seconds.

OK now it’s time to go finish my day. I got a few hours and in about two I’m going to go soak in a nice hot bubble bath to relax and have uninterrupted me time. IF it’s interrupted for any reason other than my child needs something I’ll be hiring armed guards for the next time.