Back to School Preparations

It’s almost time for yet another school year. August 15th Dothan City Schools are back in session the 29th of August the preschool is back in session. Tomorrow we have an interview for the Head Start facility. This is going to be interesting. Theresa still won’t finish potty training and I think that it’s actually because of the summer and being out of routine. Slowly but surely we’re working on getting her back into her routine.

I however am not looking forward to getting up at five in the morning in order to have her up between six and six thirty so she’s ready for the school bus. I really am not looking forward to having to pack up my computer every Wednesday afternoon to get her from school and take her to therapy. I have no choice but to start working during therapy sessions if I’m going to continue to stay afloat.

Next month means new school uniforms for the child as well. I want to move out of Dothan not only because I hate it here but because the school boards policy for uniforms causes a financial burden on my family. It’d be nice if the ones making the rules had to pay the bills for the rules they set.

Well, I’m off to work now that’s my morning whine and I think I’ll go get some cheese to go with it.