Gotta Love the Kids Shows

OK so kids shows are great when you want them to learn something or just keep them occupied while you take care of daily task. That I’ll admit but there comes a point when they can get to be a bit annoying. How many times have you found yourself watching the same cartoon a hundred times over just because your child is being good? Too many to count unless like my friend Annie you have gotten rid of the television and found the more peaceful side of life. folded one load of laundry and washed two today. I hung one outside to dry and just brought it in a little while ago. I have yet to fold it and put it away, I still don’t feel well. The other load is in the back bedroom waiting to dry. I’ll have a load of Theresa’s cloth training pants to wash in the tomorrow night. I’ll actually have all of them in the wash at once so she’ll be in a pull-up for a little while. I plan to buy her some more plastic pants and cloth training pants as soon as I get enough Amazon gift cards. That way I can have enough to keep her in them most of the week, they help with getting her to sit on the potty and I don’t forget as much as when she’s in a disposable pull-up. The dirty ones soak in a five gallon bucket until I dump them into the washing machine and spin out the water. What? I rinse them before I soak them, then I spin them out and let them soak in the washing machine before washing them in hot water.

Thursday is thanksgiving so she may or may not be in Marianna. Her grandparents were taking her father out to eat but now they’re going to spend the holiday with family. Someone else is cooking so they’re going out there. That’s a bit of a long way and will leave me without a way to go since I have no brakes on my truck and hubby wants to leave when he gets ready. Although I’m a bit confused since he plans to leave his car at his father’s house. I took a drive down there with them once, I’ll never do it again. I can not stomach listening to instrumentals for so many miles again., today was rather uneventful except for learning that I didn’t put a high enough soap concentration in my laundry soap when I made it. I used one bar instead of two, that would explain why I’ve had to use two to three cups to get the wash clean. Well, it’s time to work now so I’ll call it a day.