Strange Move

OK I decided that since everyone else was at WordPress and I had was having trouble remembering to go to blogger each day I’d move too. Now if I can just figure out how to move Weebly over here. I have spent time transitioning this year so one more won’t make much of a difference to me. I can bounce around and land on my feet.

Once I get everything moved over here I’ll be in one spot for once. I think I can focus on one blog, my book and my articles without losing my mind. OK I’m off to check on the import status of my three blogger blogs and rearrange things a bit. I also need to make sure I can get to the blogs I follow easily from here.

First day back to school and so far it doesn’t look promising

Theresa was up way past her bedtime last night because she got to take a late afternoon nap that lasted into close to the evening. She didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, and she only ate a couple bites of the cereal bar that I gave her. I managed to get her supplements in her and get her dressed only to have her supplements come up again because she was supposed to have a full stomach. Fun, huh? She got on the bus when it came because she wouldn’t come back in, it seems that she missed the pre-school and her little friends.

I made a plan for today though. First I am updating this blog where my mind wanders, editing a coupon article and searching for something new to write. This evening after therapy we will stop at the store to pick up a couple items that we need. We will also go to the grocery store to complete my list. I plan to box up a few items that no longer fit today and stack them by the door.

I also intend to add another post at Dazed and Confused and start the odds and ends page there. I have to write up a few articles and post read more links to them. Some will be mine (of course) and some will be other peoples. I think I need to move the links page and put the links on the first page but I’m not sure yet.

Well, my laundry is almost done so I can hang it out so I’ll be going. I need to at least open the pages I want to edit before it gets done so I do not lose focus.

No idea what I’m even thinking

OK today is the 10th and I’ve got $58.62 for groceries that was supposed to be for Christmas and Birthday’s. That leaves me with the money to pay both my phone bills. At the rate things are going I’m going to have approximately $25 to get three kids Christmas and one a birthday present this month. I sent my oldest a card for her birthday without money in it. I didn’t have it to send. This year sucks.

I hope to start earlier this coming year by picking them each up a little something at a time. The only problem with that is by the time the end of the year gets here both will have duplicates of something because grandparents like to shop. Their grandparents don’t like to ask if you had plans or something you’d prefer to buy them either.

I just realized that the most work I’ve done this week has been on these blogs. That’s good in a way but not good in others. For instance I don’t get paid each and every month to write a blog. I have to focus more on working or I’m never gonna make it through the entire month. I had this figured out at the beginning of the month. I think that I have some money in my checking account that’s not earmarked for bills but I’m going to need to put gas in the truck at some point.

I figured out that a tank a week for each vehicle at the current gas prices is at least $368 a month. I can’t afford that. I’m going to try and not let either of them fall below half a tank but that’s going to be rather difficult with the rising gas costs. Given the limited grocery budget I think I’ll just get a few things to get us by.

Grocery list
6 packs of meat – $19.96 (separate and portion out to a piece per person per meal)
1/2 gallon of milk (Theresa likes cereal in the morning)
Fruit snacks -Theresa likes to take them to school
Sugar (we drink a lot of tea)
fruit, veggies – a few for the little one she likes them and it’s hard to get them in her if we don’t have them.

OK I’m gone today is passing me by and I’ve got to run errands so that we can get back to house cleaning. It’s laundry day again……..actually it’s always laundry day I’m tempted to take some change and go to the laundromat just to get out of the house and not have to hang them out.

Wonder if I could blog for living

Well, some people blog for a living. I haven’t written anything else lately so what could it hurt to spend a few days creating a website. Then spend a few hours a day writing postings. I’d have to create pages and pages of each subject. That’s not right, I’d have to have specific pages devoted to specific things.

I have started to look for projects to bid on half a dozen times since Friday. Each attempt has resulted in reading one or two postings and stopping the search. Why? I have no idea what so ever. I need to be working right now, actually I need to be working double time to make up for taking so much time off over the summer and not doing much last month. The end of the year is always tight with the extra costs but this year it seems even tighter.

I was going to do reviews this week to see if I couldn’t manage enough of them for an emergency payout. Well, I don’t feel like so I’m trying to stretch what I have until payday. Then I’m trying to stretch that out indefinitely it would seem. Oh well, it’s been far worse. I survived it then I’ll survive it now.

Going back to life

Well, it’s Monday and the first day back to school after the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m not sure what to do with myself this morning. I wrote a blog actually two blog postings at Sidetick this morning. I’ve done a load of laundry this morning and hung it up. The jeans that I washed yesterday are sitting in the clothes basket waiting to be hung in the closet. have no idea what to write today. I did one article that I began last night and I have a few sentences into another article written and I’m stuck. I was supposed to call and reschedule two of Theresa appointments today but I can’t figure out when to reschedule them for. I think I have to cancel one of her speech appointments to make room to take her to one of them and then I can try for a Friday on the other one.

Well, I have an article and two more blog postings waiting to get done and only 21/2 hours to get them done in. I also have to pack up everything I need for therapy this afternoon in order to get some work done while we’re waiting for our ride so I’ll end this now.