How to Guide – Published

My first “how to guide” on being a freelance writer was approved with a few minor edits. I’m happy. I spent more than a day on it trying to figure out where everything actually went. I haven’t done much for upfront payments; actually I haven’t done anything for upfront payment since the new month began.

I have done a few diary pages at wikinut but I think I’ve told you that already. I can’t log into Associated Content hopefully that’ll be fixed in a day or so then I can submit more content there. So in the meantime I’ll continue to work on how to guides.

Tomorrow I get to pay the light bill which is right at $320 and my cable bill which is $80 after I go to the eye doctor to see just how much damage I did when I poked myself in the eye with the arm of my classes. I really dread seeing that bill. Since I need to make up for the cost of the unplanned for eye exam I’m going to work now to see how much I can get done with one eye closed.