Lazy Sunday

My plan for today is to be as lazy as I can possibly be before we start the new week. I have a ton of things left to do and I plan to do most of them. I just plan to do them from a sitting position. I know that I could use some exercise but I don’t feel like exercising today so I may not do it at all. I would love to be able to go for a walk but somehow walking around the yard without the grass being cut doesn’t sound like fun. Even if I had the money right now to put gas in the lawnmower it’s been awful hot lately and I’m ready to deal with that on a Sunday.

I think that I prefer taking Sunday to rest, and I really need to get back to reading my bible. I have a child that I need to expose to it provided she’ll sit still long enough to let me read the children’s version I found to her. We also have to have time to do home therapy. Cutting, dressing and everything else that she does during therapy needs to be done at home. Oh this is going to be fun to figure out. I’m losing my mind but I think that’s OK too.