therapy went well

Theresa was a bit in her own world at the start of speech today but by the end she was focused and working well. She’s holding out still when it comes to talking. I put her rocking horse in front of the television to get it out of the way. She pushed it back and it got stuck. She covered her eyes and said ‘why did you do that?” Amazing!

She’s 4 now! I can’t believe it! I got my ink refill kit today. I have 3.5 refills total and I reset my printer to print economically. That’ll help to make the cartridge last until I can afford to order a new one so that I don’t mess up my printer. I’ve got to order a color refill kit next. I hope it’s as easy to refill as this one was. I can copy the pages of her workbooks now so we can work with them. I can print out things from online too!

Well, that’s about it, we stopped at the grocery store and she was a little angel. So now I’m going to update Odds and Ends.