Slowing Down for Saturday

It’s a nice thought isn’t it? I would be slowing down because I haven’t gotten the rest of my project yet which is fine. I did the last two I got yesterday last night and will check in and out today for more to finish it up and get paid. In the meantime I focus on cleaning areas of my home that get neglected during the week because they need a thorough spring cleaning. It’s supposed to rain so there won’t be any work done outside for fear of having to turn around and redo what was done.

I have laundry that gets to hang on the indoor line to prevent having to run out in the rain and risk breaking my neck to get it in during the rain. My carpet is getting cleaning with vinegar water and a rag (I failed to replace my mop). Actually I got irritated that the mop head I wanted wasn’t in the store, a cheap sponge mop was $1.50 (doesn’t work well for my purposes) and those Mr. Clean Mop refills at $5 a refill were all they had in stock. Lovely, lovely I do so love to watch the mop wear down before my eyes but I guess at least then you never use it past its prime. I should have picked up a pack of sponges to do my floor with since I prefer to do it on my hands and knees anyway.

So as I go back and forth from my screen and housekeeping this morning I will have a million things going at once. My dishes are soaking in a sink full of soapy water right now to make sure all the food that was stuck to them comes off. I need to buy a dishwasher since I’m the only one that appears to know that it’s not my job to clean everything. Of course it’s not the first time I’ve been here, it’s always my fault if things aren’t clean the way they should be in the sexist minds that surround me.

I would also need to remember that my towels need more air when they dry to prevent them from souring. Yuck! Another thing to remember in the future is that while the relatively new dish liquid from Gain works well, it has an overwhelming perfume smell from it. Yet, another thing that gives me a headache.

OK off to eat breakfast before I forget all together.

Lots of Reading but Not Much Writing

Well, today I finished reading my copy of “Look Me In The Eye” and bought ‘How to Write Ebooks for a Living. I even began to read the last one, and noticed that beside it in my Kindle for PC app was “Wife No. 19 that I started months ago and never finished reading. So I am going to alternate the two until I get both of them read. I am a long way into Wife No. 19 so I should set aside some time to finish it. I have other books to read some in ebook and others in traditional form. I had a reason for having all of them and I will finish them.

The books I was reading were for article ideas and my own information but those articles take longer to write since the only time I have to read is in therapy. At least for traditional books, other than that I’ll be attempting to write other articles to earn my living. I seem to have a break although unplanned from private clients at the moment so I am taking advantage of it to write things that I want to write. I am not in a hurry this week. I am simply gathering strength to get through the holidays.

This week will be a short one as far as school and appointments go so I am going to be reading and working as much as I can in order to do what I planned to do this year next year. Oh well, it’s time to get back to work. I’ll be back later to tell you how well my plans for the new year are going. Hopefully they’ll go better than this last year did.

Anyway, I’ll be back later.

Definitely a Monday

It is Monday and I can certainly tell. At 4:30 this morning I was woken up by a four legged, meowing alarm clock that had let himself in for what appeared to be no other reason than to tell me he was hungry. It was not long after I took care of his food wishes and put him back outside that I realized I have a nice painful toothache. I also don’t know why I have a toothache but my lower jaw would feel slightly swollen. I get to put the kid on the bus then see if I can find a dentist that will work with me to go see later in the week. I would also want to make sure that they will not pull it if it is infected but treat the infection first. Pulling a tooth that is infected hurts, I know I’ve had it done and I never want to feel that amount of pain in my mouth again.

I managed to get some work done this weekend and am hoping that the rest of this week goes as well as planned. I hope to make sure that all four of my blogs are as current as possible, finish the two new hubs I began and then write a few diary pages with links to older articles in them. This is going to be an interesting week. I plan to focus on working enough to fit in those end of year gifts for my girls and not be in debt after the holiday. At least not from gift buying anyway!

It is only a two day school week so I am hoping that I will manage to get a great deal of work done. My most productive times used to be very late at night but that left me tired all day. It was like magic however when it got too late for me to function I would wake up and get more done in those wee morning hours than I had all day long.

Well, it’s almost time to get the kid dressed and out the door so I’m going to be going. I still haven’t put my shoes on and if I try to do it after she is dressed there is a good chance I’ll be standing at the end of the driveway bare footed.

Thanksgiving Week

The weekend ends today meaning that first thing in the morning we begin what will be just a two day week. I am rather excited at the prospect of not having to be somewhere at a certain time this year. I don’t even want to spend the holiday with anyone actually. I don’t enjoy holidays anymore so they are simply another day to me. I am not fond of the extended family that I married into, specifically I am not fond of the father and mother-in-law that I gained when I married. Had I been paying attention I never would have gotten married this time but that is a story for another day.

I am behind as far as my income and my household chores. Not sure how the house is so far behind since I was unable to work for two weeks because my computer was being fixed but I am, it is a realization that is not a pleasant one. I intend to spend the week off for Thanksgiving working as much as is humanly possible in order to prevent starting the new year in debt. The biggest obstacle there is getting those around me to cooperate and pay attention to what they are doing. I am determined to be divorced by the end of 2012 if it is the last thing that I do.

Well, I’ve got to get back to work if I am going to achieve my divorce goal this year. I set the same goal last year and somehow I let circumstances push me away from it.

Long Weekend Ahead

I was up until almost 1a.m. and as a result didn’t wake up until after 9a.m. this morning. That’s 7 hours of sleep, and I still feel as if my eyes are not going to stay open. Of course I’ve only been up an hour and a half so far. The coffee is getting cold faster than I can drink it. I got some things done yesterday that were rather productive.

I wrote a couple of things yesterday. I even published one. I am now making it a point to once again include links in my writing to items that I have already published. I need to increase traffic and once again gain exposure. That means I am editing some older things to bring them up to where they should be. I would be once again going back to private clients.

I would need some things that I can not afford in my typical budget which makes obtaining them other ways vital. By other ways I mean by increasing my work load to the point that not only are my expenses covered by my savings account is reopened. I have a book in mind, and if I can find the file I can get back to it.

I have to have $50 to reopen it and I am determined not to sell anything off to do so. I am also determined to turn this house into a one television household. That way I can still watch the shows I want to watch without taking time out of working to do it. Eventually I’d like to get rid of the television again all together however. I’m not sure why but I would. Days seem longer without one, or maybe not watching television just makes me more productive. Not that I watch much I usually listen to music on my computer while I work.

Well, speaking of work I might as well get back to it. I intend to be up just as late tonight and hopefully more productive than I was last night when it came to working.

Minimum Work Ability

I have managed to get some work done and submitted during the last few days. I’m not sure how much more I can get done but that little bit makes me feel better than I did. I am working on some articles in my word processor only to discover that I prefer the use of Google Docs to write articles in which gives me the advantage of online storage. The one problem is that I can not check my grammar meaning I have to be extra careful. I guess that would help improve my writing if I am always responsible for my own editing as word processors do not catch everything.

I know I am going to have to purchase more internet to get by until the first of the month. I have a feeling that I will need to spring for unlimited access prior to the first of the month. I wish I had been able to afford it when I got my new device. I do enjoy once again not being tied to my desk however. I will get back to unlimited access I have to I have used up half my data allotment in the last three days. The end of the month is a couple weeks away. At least I can write offline until I get it back if I run out of data. I can resist the urge to over draw my bank account just to have Internet access and do without it as long as I have some way to write.

Well, I’m running short on time so I”m going to go get back to the work I’d planned to do online before I call it a day.

Back to Work!!

It has been two weeks since my computer tore up. I have itback temporarily at the moment and am able to work. In fact I began the processof lowering bills already. My mother has had it for two weeks and finally saidit was working well enough that I can use it. It is humming but it connects tothe Internet and it stays on. I have to make up for the last two weeks and if Iam online I find myself easily distracted so I decided to work offline while Icatch up.
I even lowered my Internet bill for the time being. Mymother purchased some groceries and gave me some money since I had been out ofwork and did not have a payday this past week. I put the groceries awayfiguring that we could make them last a few weeks and then I began thebudgeting of the money that she gave me. First thing was to get my televisionout of the pawnshop, $62.50. (My youngest had been promised the Peanut Festivalon Special Citizens Day)
She had a blast dragging me on rides that made me feel olderthan I realized I was as I got dizzy every time. Her father (my soon to be ex)watched and laughed the whole time. She ended up with a $5 frog when the manheld the balloon so that she could just pop it with the dart. Somehow I wemissed lunch because I was tired and dizzy causing us to sit down and losetrack of time. Oh well.
I also invested in a portable Internet device and purchasedone GB of Internet for $20. I figure that I can use that much easily and get alot of work posted while I wait for mother to pick my computer back up to finishfixing it. My keys are sticking but I saw a keyboard for $10 that would beeasier for me to use than the flat keyboard that is on it. There is an optionfor $10 Internet that would have me spending approximately $40 a month, $50 amonth would get me unlimited access but I can not afford that right now. Ispent more than I should on the device but I had to get back to work.
It took almost $60 to fill the tank on my Rodeo to get usback and forth for hopefully the next two weeks. I changed my phone to 20 centsa minute and placed $10 on it to use in an emergency. It was better thanleaving it off I just had to disable incoming text messages to make it work. Idon’t have to pay the bill again until the 8th of February so let’s hopeI can stretch that $10 out some to make it easier for a while.
I refigured my basic expenses and I have a betterunderstanding of what I need to do. That is a post for another day. I have toget back to work ASAP. I’m running back and forth from the housework to thekeyboard to make sure I don’t get bored sitting in one spot.It has been two weeks since my computer tore up. I have itback temporarily at the moment and am able to work. In fact I began the processof lowering bills already. My mother has had it for two weeks and finally saidit was working well enough that I can use it. It is humming but it connects tothe Internet and it stays on. I have to make up for the last two weeks and if Iam online I find myself easily distracted so I decided to work offline while Icatch up.

Does Anything Ever Go Right?

I mean I don’t need a fortune but I would at least like to be able to pay the bills. My computer crashed almost two weeks ago now. That is two weeks I have been unable to work which means I have no money. My flat screen television set that I worked my fingers to the bone to buy a few years ago went to the pawn shop this morning. I need the money because nothing is coming together fast enough. My phone will cut off Thursday? I think it is due to an inability to pay the bill after purchasing one tiny bottle of vitamin D for my daughter. I am sitting at the library now with multiple windows open so I can get a tiny bit of work done as I update this with the timer ticking away. I have an hour and a half left of a hopefully two hour session. I spend more time than that running back and forth each morning to get to what I need to do. This whole spending two hours in one spot is making my brain a bit foggy.

In theory focusing on one task for two hours should be helpful but it would seem my mind is not designed that way. I would be getting better at typing on the strange keyboard which is useful it means that I can simply read for a few typos in my articles instead of having to delete large chunks for misspellings and other errors. I know that I can come out here every few days but not everyday with the price of gas and my trips have to be after therapy or before depending on the day. The bus doesn’t run until about 12:30 in the afternoon making it a bit tricky to come before with the prices of gasoline around town. I would be a bit worried about the time limit sense I like to log out of everything and I can just see the counter closing the page before I do.

I have article ideas which is good and I have a note book problem is that I find myself unable to read my own handwriting well enough to type it all up fast enough. The only bright part to all of this is that I am in love. I still get a giggly smile when I think of him and that makes the fact that I am broke a little bit easier to deal with. One day maybe I will have a steady income again and all this will appear to have been a bad dream. Well, I have to check and make sure the other window did what it was supposed to, try to update one of my other blogs, read my favorite and work on one of my articles at least all in less than an hour and a half now. Then I got to make sure I am signed out of everything. Have a good day eventually I will have Internet at home back. By then I will be spoiled to this large screen where I can see everything and be working to get a new computer. Well, I’ll need one eventually and it would be best to get it before mine is gone completely, at this point it is fixable but it may not be the next time.

Why Can’t I Fit My Computer in my Pocket?

If my computer would fit in my pocket a lot of my problems would be solved. I could simply fold it up and take it out when I got where I was going in order to work where ever I am. It would be a lot simpler life with a child in tow. I need to increase my income but so far it’s going rather badly. I keep getting hit with these irritating little nickel and dime expenses that are taking more than their toll on me.

I will be spending the morning asking my soon to be ex questions from a job application in order to ensure the information is entered quickly enough that I have my computer free in time to get some actual work done today. He’s slow as Christmas at everything and answering simple “yes or no” questions is no exception to that rule. I am attempting to help him find a job that pays a living wage or even one that he can work in addition to the part time job he currently has. The man has had eight jobs since 2005, since I am the one that felt the stress of each and every change I would be helping him to fill out more applications to prevent having to feel the stress during the divorce.

Christmas is only two months away which is not a lot of time to shop, especially with no money but I am a bit annoyed that the two holidays that come before it are being over looked. I do not like this time of year and the rush that it creates. No one appears to be taking the time anymore to remember what the holiday is supposed to be about. Instead it is about spending as much as you can. This is the part of the holiday that annoys me the most. Oh well, I need to be working so I’ll go for now.

Nothing Went as Planned

So far nothing has gone as planned for the weekend. I managed to get approximately three of my articles edited and re-posted elsewhere. I did a few blog posts and managed to go get most of the things that we need for the house. Basic items that we use on a regular basis. I still need brakes and would love if people would stop telling me that it is my imagination. I know that I can not afford them right now but if they would stop telling me that it is my imagination it would make the ability to get them easier to make a reality.

I would be facing difficulty both personally and financially. I feel rather alone right now but that’s to be expected since I tend to isolate myself when I have problems that I do not want to deal with. I have to deal with them but I have to do it in my own time. A few are beyond my control at the moment and a couple that are within my control are going to hurt to deal with. 

I know that I can fix this mess I have found myself in but I do not know how. I wish that all the answers would come to me but they are running from me as if I had a deadly and highly contagious disease. I am often confused when times like these arise and this one would not be an exception to that reality. 

I would be getting divorced and in love with someone else. I have been faithful. I am going to get my divorce as soon as I figure out how to pay for it, then I am going to slowly become accustomed to being alone.  The man that I love though he is my friend is not in love with me and he never will be. I knew that from the start but it is still not a pleasant reality. Oh well, forgetting about a man is easy, you simply find one that wants some company for a little while. OK so that’s a bad idea but some time out with friends or even strangers can help this situation, or at least distract me from it for a little while. The financial difficulty I am facing will take a bit more to get past.

I have $10 available toward the approximately $141 that I need to fix my mistake. All that I can do is continue to work and keep the money to pay that mistake separate from the money to cover my child’s needs. She will not suffer because of my stupidity. Well, I have to find more work to do and hopefully get finished with a project that I have already been paid for. The client was supposed to get me the rest of the work this weekend. I only hope that he has the other projects behind it like he is supposed to.