It’s Preschool for Heaven’s Sake……………

So why is the application so long? Why do they need so many proofs? Can’t you get by with the information you already have on file for the program they’re in and just update it? I have all my proofs except for an SSI determination letter which is filed away somewhere unknown. I’m hoping to find it before we leave for speech so that I can drop all the forms off today and we can leave to go to the store from there.

I’ve decided that we’ll  be searching for a summer program for Theresa that’s half days a couple days a week so that she doesn’t get out of the habit of getting up. She likes to get out of the house and since I’ll have to take her we can get some things done while we’re out.

I’d love it if I could finish cutting my grass but it’s starting to look as if the gas left in the lawnmower is going to have to be taken out and put in the car. I bought a tire yesterday because we didn’t have a choice. I don’t like it when those things happen but they do and we deal with them.

Theresa is still amazed at the little school bus I bought her the other day. We have to do some words today so I’m going to find the sight word list and write them on her board.

That’s about it since I have two other blogs and a website to update at some point today.