Finally! Found It!

I was excited today. I went to the local ACE Hardware after a search high and low for actual Washing Soda. They had one box left for $3.79. Sales tax is 9% which means it’s cheaper to drive out there and get a few boxes once they get more in than it is to order it at the price and pay $6 worth of shipping. That means since I found it locally my Amazon gift cards can be used for something else that I need. I found Fels Naptha at Ace too. It’s a little bit more than the Zote and almost double the price of the Octagon. I’m wondering how well it works in homemade laundry soap.

The bar of Octagon I have on hand for the next batch, and the borax I have also. Next time I’m only making a gallon so I can use the empty five gallon bucket to store dirty training pants. The kid’s getting more of them to cut down on the amount of times I have to wash them. Two five gallon buckets should hold enough that I can watch them every third or fourth day instead of every two to three depending on how often she has an accident. Once she’s fully potty trained I can sterilize the buckets and use them for something else. I need a small bucket to put bleach water in and soak my kitchen towels so they get a bit whiter.

I managed about five short and sweet articles today and had a rewrite accepted. I’m up to $21.64 for my next TB payout request, I have $46.84 requested for the payout that I should be getting in the next few days. I have another $25 coming from Sidetick provided they get caught up from the holidays and the weather which will be $71.84 that would go a long way right now. Helium’s next payout is the last day of the month and at the moment I have $24.96 which means I only need four cents for payout. Given that there is another week in the month I’m good there. I just need to do a few promotions.

Well, I’ve got an article I’d like to work on some more so I’ll be going.