Figuring It Out

OK I’m figuring it out now, I think anyway. I got paid for my project even though it’s not done yet. I still owe him five rewrites, no problem. I can do those five provided he gets them to me this year. I am waiting on another project or two to come through. I think that I will bid on some projects while I wait. It can’t hurt I figured it out and I can do at least three at one time and my own things without being overwhelmed as long as I schedule my day correctly. I have to find out how to pay for the little device to make my Internet portable all over again so that I can work anywhere though. My battery last for approximately two hours, so I need a backup battery in order to switch them out when I am going to be gone for long periods of time.

Wish me luck I am off to bid on anything I think I can do.

Earning Money to Cover an Unexpected Expense

I was planning on stepping up my work efforts to get through the extra expense of the holidays without much difficulty. Now I would be stepping up the work efforts for a different reason. I need back brakes on my truck, it seems to be an epidemic. The ABA therapist just got a new fuel pump for the holidays.

I’m not sure but I think I’ve spent a great deal too much on the freaking thing this year. New front brakes, (replaced the pads twice, once it didn’t need it), two clutch cylinders (one twice), a new radiator and now the back brakes. I don’t want to think about how much that comes to.

I have yet to price the set of brakes for the back. I’m too afraid that I need the entire braking system checked before anything is done. Well, My mind is wandering again so I’ll stop for now.