Setting New Goals

I’ve decided to set new goals for myself for all aspects of my life. Working, saving money and even the bills that I pay each month. I know I can lower them or at least I can tailor them to suit our needs a little bit better. Therapy and getting the kid to school have to fit into these goals since I work around them but that’s not that hard to do come to find out. I just have to get all my ducks in a row to see what’s going on.

Cash Back- While taking cash with me when I go shopping helps me save money it’s more convenient with a small child to use an option that lets you pay at the gas pump. Recently my bank offered cash back on gas purchases that I paid for using my debit card since that’s an expense I have regardless I decided that I would continue to my card for it and get money back. So far while it’s not a lot of money at only 5% back with a maximum of $10 per account but it’s still enough to buy some more gas in an emergency. So I’m continuing to look for cash back offers from the bank for places that I shop at anyway.

I’ve decided to go over my expenses and figure out just how much they are now. Then I have to figure out which ones I can reduce. I still have to figure out how to take care of moving expenses but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem when I have a little bit of time alone at night to figure it out once everyone is asleep. My first goal is to be able to take more time off so I can spend it with my baby girl.

Work Requirements figured out

I think I have what I have to do for work figured out. I have to update all three of these blogs daily to keep them focused, or at least every couple days.

Sidetick = $15 a month which is $180 a year. So with $25 being the smallest payment amount I can cash out seven times a year. That doesn’t include the few minutes a week looking at pictures or the views the daily blog postings I make get during the year. That’s not bad for doing the same things I’d do on FB for free each day.

AC – well, the earnings there are not much but I can write a few articles a month for upfront payments. I figure I need to write approximately 20 to 30 a week. That would be an evening thing.

Helium- no idea what I’d have to do. The new payment system not working for me although with promotions I can continue to ensure I have enough ad revenue to pay the phone bill.

Saving Money – I found a loaf of 12 grain bread for $1 yesterday. I love that bread and that’s a lot less than the local grocery store, trust me. I bought shampoo that was 50 cents a bottle yesterday too.

OK I think I have to do some more figuring because I’m not past putting change in a jar to save money and using Amazon gift cards for household items. That’s about it for now.

Taking it Easy but still earning something

Sidetick is where most of my energy has been focused today. It’s a rather relaxed atmosphere. All I’ve done there today is make my daily blog posting and look at pictures others have posted. I’m still earning although at a slow rate for the day by doing things that I’d normally do on FB all day long when I didn’t feel like working. The difference today? I’m actually getting a little bit of housework done while I do my work.

Don’t get me wrong I’m searching for an article to write too but I’m waiting until I find one that I can write from beginning to end before I start it. Or at least one that I won’t get a paragraph written on and stop. I have to figure out how to get the overdrawn checking account to a zero balance and close it. That will leave only the account with my name on it which means there won’t be anymore overdrafts on the account. I can’t stand paying bank fees just because of someone not understanding you have to know the balance.

I have earnings goals for the month although the way that I’ve been distracted lately I’m already behind on my working for the month. It’s only a couple of days but it’s going to take me a while to catch up. I need to up the promotions to make my goals for the month but that’s fine too.