Overall the day was productive

I wrote 12 Christmas articles that didn’t take that long and one article about playing catch up which is what I’ll be doing the rest of the year. All and all it was a rather productive day even if I did end up needing a nap.

My nap was short, the work day was too. I managed to accomplish most of my work by noon which I think was rather good. I also figured out that in the morning I have no choice but to go over my budget again. I think I have to keep up this pace for the rest of the month to be on track for next month.

I have to buy zinc again. I have to call Wednesday and make sure I can switch zinc. The one Theresa has now is $7.50 plus tax, the one I want to put her on is $5. That’s a help to my budget, I can get the vitamin D drops for less than I paid for them the last time when they run out. I still have to order her fish oil. I think the 8oz bottle would work better now that her dose has increased so much. It works out less than two 4oz bottles and would last the entire month, possibly into the next month.

I have to figure the cost of her supplements again and then figure them with a monthly average. Next month I do believe my auto insurance is due. I have the feeling I’ll be paying it by the month since I doubt I can come up with the entire six month premium in one lump sum. I was supposed to get a quote for a different company but I never had time to get all my information together and make the call.

I have got to go grocery shopping but first I have to find a bunch of recipes from people that have actually used them so that Theresa’s food doesn’t take like crap. Noticing serious behavior issues with things that she’s not supposed to have in the house. Well, time to go ramble about the kids day now.