Salvaging The Week

I finished up the project I got paid for last month and received an invitation to bid on a project that pays by the hour. I have no idea if I should bid or not this particular person has a low rate when it comes to awarding projects. I update a couple of my blogs and read about a chapter in “look me in the eye” while we were at speech. That is a rather productive day for me.

I have to rewrite more of my own articles and write some new ones while I wait to decide what I am going to do about private clients. I know that I need to think quickly but I can not manage to make a spur of the moment decision when it comes to finances. I painstakingly went through an online application for my soon to be ex-husband so he could apply for a job that pays more than he currently makes. It meant going though pages and pages of work history on a computer screen entering them into tiny boxes.

I did not manage to get my own articles rewritten but that’s fine. I do not owe anyone work for any reason right now and am free to do as I please. Well, I’m going to be going. I have to rewrite this information for him so that  he can do his own applications next time. The last five years have seen him have seven jobs for various reasons. That’s not a good sign at the future of this one being long lived considered it involves manual labor but that’s fine too.