One article sold none written

Well, I just accepted an offer from Associated Content that I probably should have declined and resubmitted on to see if I could increase the rate. Oh well, I know what I’m writing for them next and the article should be live by tomorrow so that I can begin earning performance payments on it. One is an editorial and the other two I have in mind for upfront offers to see if they’ll except them. Holiday related should do well in searches provided I don’t get forgetful and lose focus. I have to get as many articles for upfront payment written as possible.

The article that was accepted is How to make it through the holidays broke. It’s not my best but it’s not my worse, I think I can do a few more along those lines.

I’m wondering if I can write enough to put hubby’s cell phone back on a monthly plan before he runs out of money in his account for it. He’s the whole reason I pay for roll over minutes, he doesn’t do well conserving his time for emergencies. Two cell phones only cost me $43.60 a month for a total of 400 minutes that roll over to the next month when all of them aren’t used up to 1000 minutes. That’s not too bad but given the way he went through the money in the account this month I think next time I lower the bill I’ll change my phone plan to $15 every three months and add a little bit of money for text to save the minutes.

I didn’t write anything today I started to then I forgot what I was doing. I tried to join the call for the “How to” guides but my Google voice couldn’t complete the call. It worked fine to call my cell phone however. Not sure what the problem was and I can’t find the right place to ask the question.

My auto insurance is due next month, I usually pay it every six months and save about $100 overall. Well, this time we won’t be doing that. The closest estimate I can get is that it’ll cost me about $60 a month at most for basic liability. I meant to do some shopping around but I haven’t had the time to gather all the information that I need to get an accurate quote.

We went grocery shopping today. I had a budget of approximately $63 to get enough food to last us until this time next week. I spent almost $89, that’s what I get for waiting until the cabinets were nearly empty to go shopping. Theresa has healthy snacks she can actually have, the problem is I still have to go back to the store on our way home tomorrow.

I’ve been redoing the budget as best I can estimating everything. The good news is the bills are under $500 if I got all of them but that doesn’t include buying the supplements, groceries or basics for the house. I have a feeling this month and the rest of the year are going to be kind of crappy. Maybe not if I can manage to get back in the mood to write. I’m almost there but I feel like crap thanks to the weather being hot then cold. Oh well, I’ve updated my work and saving progress now it’s time to