Extreme coupon-ing ? how much time would it take?

OK my expenses are starting to outrun my income so something has to be done about that. I was reading a few websites of extreme couponers and plan to watch the premiere of extreme coupon-ing on TLC I just don’t remember what night it is. I was wondering just how much time and effort these people put into finding these coupons and spending pennies for hundreds of dollars in items. I know that often the generic items are cheaper than the name brand with coupons but what if I managed to catch the sales? It could be worth it. If nothing else it’d give me an article or two.

I have access to online coupons, but I no longer subscribe to the newspaper. I grew tired of only getting it occasionally for whatever reason. I also noticed that the inserts I want are usually mailed out separately. I used to match my coupons to the sales faithfully, now I wonder where I find the time to make it to the store much less organize the trip. Each store has a different policy, of course I’m not sure why some of them take specific coupons and some do not. I can access the stores papers online and plan trips around them. One store doubles coupons up to 70cents on Saturdays. The problem is that by Saturday the items that I want might be gone.

I think I’ll figure out a personal challenge for my family. I know I can save the amount I want, and it may be time to get creative with it. Some of those people make a living telling people how to do these things.