Life Goes On Regardless

OK let’s recap a bit. So far we began the year in debt and are currently in debt from loans that we had no choice but to take out to get by. We’ve a payment due by the end of this month and if I do everything correctly it’ll be made early to reduce the amount that has to be paid to pay it off. I have managed to get us by with all the bills paid each month and we have everything we need, at least I think we do but there is this nagging feeling that something is missing.

I went back and forth from making my own laundry soap to buying it and back again. Convenience, exhaustion and expense were all factors in the decision time and time again. I even went back and forth on what I used to wash dishes, a bar soap, commercial dish soap and homemade dish soap. After much considerations for my budget I decided to go back to the bar. I am about to put the last of my liquid dish soap into the hand soap dispenser before I go back to the bar for washing hands at the sink. Well, at least until I figure out how to get more moisturizer into the homemade hand soap.

We have decided to move once we get the current loan paid off. We intend to save what’s left out of my husband’s paychecks after he takes care of his responsibilities to make it possible to cover the costs of moving. I intend to stop using the commercial products once and for all to save more money and create room in the budget for what we’ve decided to do. Then there is the fact that I have to work some more in order to make all that happen. OK I’m going now.