Work Requirements figured out

I think I have what I have to do for work figured out. I have to update all three of these blogs daily to keep them focused, or at least every couple days.

Sidetick = $15 a month which is $180 a year. So with $25 being the smallest payment amount I can cash out seven times a year. That doesn’t include the few minutes a week looking at pictures or the views the daily blog postings I make get during the year. That’s not bad for doing the same things I’d do on FB for free each day.

AC – well, the earnings there are not much but I can write a few articles a month for upfront payments. I figure I need to write approximately 20 to 30 a week. That would be an evening thing.

Helium- no idea what I’d have to do. The new payment system not working for me although with promotions I can continue to ensure I have enough ad revenue to pay the phone bill.

Saving Money – I found a loaf of 12 grain bread for $1 yesterday. I love that bread and that’s a lot less than the local grocery store, trust me. I bought shampoo that was 50 cents a bottle yesterday too.

OK I think I have to do some more figuring because I’m not past putting change in a jar to save money and using Amazon gift cards for household items. That’s about it for now.