Minds Really Wandering Today

So far this day has been the most unfocused one I’ve had in a while, my mind keep wandering off. It’s 20 minutes until 10a.m. and I can’t remember what I’ve done today. I let the baby sleep a little too long because when I got her up her pull up had leaked and she was rather upset to be laying in a puddle. I did manage to give her a bath before she got dressed this morning. She was rather happy and true to form when I said “all done bath” even though she’d only been in the tub for ten minutes she put her toys up as she always does.

I saw an article title today that I want to write to. I just don’t want to write it for the amount being asked or for the specific title that was up. I have an idea for my own title and personally I think it’d serve me better than the one I saw because it makes more sense and lends itself to numerous variations on key words that people in the real world use to search. I have the resources page open for the percentages that I need to add to the article.

Now if I could stop accepting Farmville gifts and focus it’d have a productive day. I manged to do a load of laundry on top of washing the comforter so that I’d have something warm to put on the baby tonight. I think I’ll clean off her bed and put the blanket that one it in her crib as long as it’s not electric. I’m really wondering where my sewing kit is because I have a hole in my slipper socks that is irritating me right about now. I have a bunch of socks that I either need to fix or turn into dusting clothes. I have a feeling I’ll be hunting down the sewing kit since a pack of socks isn’t in my budget now.
Did I just say that socks aren’t in my budget? Damn that’s bad. I posted one regular blog at Sidetick this morning. I like to update it regularly because it gets views during the day which add to my earnings there. OK I’ve lost all sight of what I was saying so I’m going to go for now.