An afternoon off

It’s almost 10:30 and I drop Theresa off at the clinic at 1 p.m. She’ll be staying there until 5 at the latest. I may go get her earlier if I manage to get out of the crowded store with my few purchases in a short amount of time. Against my better judgement I’m taking my other half to the store since he’s keeping my in-laws away from my house for the holidays. I’m not being hateful, they just have a tendency to irritate me butting in and offering advice when things are none of their business and they don’t pay the bills.

I’m a bit irritated that I wasn’t asked about my child leaving the house during the holiday. I’m so ill at this moment I do believe I’m going to make the rest of the year a living h*ll for everyone but me and my little angel.

Now my head hurts at the thought of my other half trying to get his parents not to do something that could undo the past year of therapy. Theresa is smarter than they are. I’m not being ugly, it’s true she actually is. OK  this is turning into a rant so I’m going away now.

Theresa’s schedule change

This morning we had speech as usual and of course Theresa did great. After speech we usually have ABA but her therapist wasn’t there today. Instead of going directly to ABA we went to the doctor’s office. Theresa needed a B-12 shot and she’s gotten to where she fights so much when I try to give them to her that I was ready to give up. The last one was given at the clinic where she gets therapy to make sure she got it; today the lady that gave it to her was on vacation so to the doctor’s office we went.

Theresa doesn’t like the doctor’s office especially when she’s already seen the needle since I took one with me. My sweet little girl had a panic tantrum. She actually opened the door and went outside to escape. She tried about three times to actually leave the office without me to keep from getting the shot. When we went into the room to wait for the nurse to draw up the shot she went to fussing. She knows what needles are and she fought the entire time I was trying to expose her little leg for the nurse to stick her.

Funny thing is that she fought the entire time I tried to get a hold of her hands and lay her down for the shot but she never cried. Actually as soon as I got her in position the nurse was done with the shot. Theresa didn’t even cry afterward. I asked how she managed that and she told me that she changed the needle. Instead of using the 1ml needle the pharmacy gave me she used a 3ml so it took less time to get the B-12 into Theresa.

Well, we came home and Theresa ate an egg with barbecue sauce on it. Then she cleaned up after herself by throwing my bowl in the garbage instead of putting it in the sink like she usually does. Once that was all done we went back to the clinic to have her ABA session with Danielle. She’s never had therapy with Danielle but she knows who she is. Theresa did great she didn’t try to swat at her when she made her follow through with a task or when she kept on until Theresa said the word or phrase that they were trying to get her to say.

Theresa also got to stay up an hour past her bedtime putting pennies in a piggy bank because she told me “I want help.” It’s so hard to believe that a year ago she was virtually mute. I’m so proud of her that I’ll never be able to make it clear enough.