We go back to almost normal tomorrow

Well, tomorrow we go back to almost normal for us. Theresa doesn’t go back to school until the 10th but we go back to speech tomorrow afternoon. He daddy doesn’t go back to work until the end of the week. Theresa has been rather relaxed these last two weeks and she’s starting to protest when we do anything to interrupt what she wants to do. Therapy couldn’t be starting back a moment too soon.

She demanded cookies this afternoon so I threw together some sugar cookies with the aid of a baking mix. She’s happy with them, the rest of us on the other hand aren’t as thrilled with them. I have everything that I need to make another batch after she goes to bed or in the morning. That way I don’t have to worry about Theresa touching the hot oven.

Theresa learned that there is more than one t.v. in the house over the holiday. She even learned that she could reach one of them to turn it one without the remote and figured out how to change the channel with the remote. She had to figure out which remote was for changing channels first.

At the moment she’s having a tantrum because she’s not doing what she wants so I’m gonna be going.