Interesting Day

Well, the day was interesting sort of. I did laundry, dishes, some vacuuming and felt awful all day. Theresa on the other hand felt great. She’s just as hyper as she can be playing with all the things that nanna bought her for Christmas. She’s only asked for a couple of shows today.

I’ve been so obsessed with figuring out work that I forgot my other half gets paid tomorrow. That’ll help a little bit, figuring out when he gets paid again since they have two weeks off will help too. We have therapy this week and a re-evaluation next week which is rather irritating. We missed out Christmas party because we didn’t feel well but we can’t miss these appointments no matter how badly we feel.

I have to get the house straightened back up but I think that it’s a losing battle.

I thought the weekends were for resting

Yes in all my naivety I once thought that the weekends were for resting. Boy was I wrong. My weekends are filled with working and trying to clean the house. I say trying to clean because well my youngest turns 4 the 27th of this month and she’s a little disaster area all her own. Never mind the fact that she throws away random papers and other items as she sees fits for puts the dirty clothes in the basket. She’s a kid which means that unless she’s sure she’s tired of a toy it’s in the middle of the floor instead of in the toy box which means that before the vacuum can be run there is an hour of picking up toys and tiny cards from the floor. laundry never feels as if it’s caught up during the winter. The dryer doesn’t work and it’s too cold to stand outside and hope the tiny bit of sun we get will dry them. So a load at a time hung out in the back until I can find some line to hang a second line. The shirts are easy, they can go on hangers in the shower we don’t use and on the door knobs to dry. The jeans get thrown over the futon frame as do the towels. Lighter items get put on my line or own clip hangers.

I think sometimes I fall behind because I’m determined to make a living from home. It’s strange as my bills keep increasing while my income keeps falling. Lately I’m being help hostage by cartoons which is a bit aggravating but at least the kid is talking.

This post has taken a turn so that I no longer remember what the point is so I’ll call it a day.

Sleepy Tuesday?

It’s Tuesday and it’s been a sleepy day. Theresa is out of school this week so I didn’t have to get up early yesterday and won’t have to in the morning. She doesn’t have therapy until Thursday afternoon. She has occupational therapy at 12:30 that afternoon so we should be home around 2 in the afternoon. Friday we have applied behavioral analysis at 10am. We should be home from that about 12:30, then we have the weekend to rest. I’m really confused as to why there isn’t any school next Wednesday.

Today I haven’t felt like doing much of anything. Theresa began the day informing me that she wasn’t going to eat her grits. She started in with “I want ‘Donalds” as she calls McDonalds because she can’t say it. When I informed her I wasn’t going she put in for “cookies.” Well, I told her we didn’t have any and she started pulling out the stuff to bake them with. So I baked a few dozen peanut butter cookies for her from scratch without real butter, real milk or eggs. I’m proud of me.

We’ve spent most of the day just sitting around. Theresa talked and watched cartoons, hubby did dishes, I did a small load of laundry to hang in the back because I didn’t feel like going outside and wasn’t sure about the weather. Hubby went through a couple of boxes of my oldest daughter’s clothes that she’d outgrown to get out some that fit Theresa now. Most of them still have the tags on them. I’m resisting the urge to make a display out of them for the most annoying person I know that keeps trying to buy the child clothes but doesn’t have any better taste than to wear a moo-moo to renew her vows in.

I just put on some black-eyed peas to go with the leftover chicken, lima beans and green beans that will making up supper tonight. I figured out that Theresa just ran out of about $80 worth of supplements I can’t replace for a few days and missed her shot last night. I don’t feel like going anywhere and I don’t have the strength to argue to get it in her so she’s just going to have to get it later. OK time to go pretend to do some more work later.

It’s Gonna Be A Long Day

OK it’s 8:20 am and I’ve been up since about 5:30 this morning. Salem and Sylvester had to be dropped off at the vet between 6:30 and 8:15 this morning for their surgery and rabies shots. I’ll pick them up between 7 & 7:30 in the morning. The fee is $6 to cover their anesthesia. That’s not too bad.

Theresa was ready to get up a few minutes after I got home this morning. She’s watching “Scooby Doo” on Demand right now and playing with her computer. The t.v. in the bedroom is plugged in and I don’t know where hubby plugged it in. I’ve got to find it and unplug it.

The cats kept hubby up all night crying and trying to get out of the carriers. It was easier than hunting them down at five this morning to put them in them last night. When he wakes up he has to go get a battery for the lawnmower. It’s so old it won’t even take a jump start anymore. I hope it doesn’t rain so he can cut the grass. Actually if we get a battery that doesn’t need jump starting I can cut the grass before he ever wakes up or most of it. My push mower is great but you can only walk so far in this heat even with the easy walk.

I have clothes in the back drying from last night and some whites soaking in the washer waiting to hang up. The grass under the line needs cutting before I can use it. I have no idea if it’s supposed to rain or not. I have some dishes in the sink to do but I don’t want to. I need to clean the cat boxes today so they are full of clean litter when the boys come home. It’s time to empty the litter completely and wash the boxes. I can do both today since there won’t be any cats home to use the boxes. Just have to get the trash can from the side of the road first.

We have speech at 2:30 today that should be enough time to get a lot of work done especially since I’ve already managed to get some work done today. I read an article about a couple that attempted to be trash free for one year. I think it’s good that my family of three only fills the trash can twice a month but I’m wondering just how much longer we can go. I think I’ll start keeping track of what we’re doing. I have some composting bags for the grass clippings that seem to pile up when it rains a lot. I don’t rake I let them go back in the earth but I need some potting soil for next year. I think I’ll see if I can’t make my own composting device (saw one make out of a plastic container) to plant my veggies in next year.

Time to get back to work!

More Done by 9am than All Week and I Was Supposed to Sleep In

Well I was planning on sleeping in today. Instead the morning sunshine woke me at 6 this morning. By 9 this morning I had done the dishes, sadly enough from yesterday and started a load of laundry. I even cleaned both litter boxes, took out some trash, got Theresa up (after I washed my hands). I gave Theresa breakfast and her supplements before I ever got her father up. Actually I managed to vacuum the part of the carpet that I mopped last night. I took pictures of it and did some before of a couple spots so I can post them when I get it all done.

I have a feeling that I’m going to be moving the furniture by myself to get the entire carpet mopped. I’m sticking to the bathroom first since it’s tiny and I don’t feel like ripping up the rest of the carpet in there to expose the linoleum. Actually since the carpet around the tub is the only part that can’t be gotten up I think I will finish ripping up the bathroom carpet since part of it’s ruined. Then I can start mopping the bedroom, once I find the piece needed to seal the carpet at the bathroom door.

I managed to make some laundry detergent today. It doesn’t look right but I love the Zote bar to hand wash delicates. It actually makes suds! I got to get a life but the weekends are my rest time. Sort of the week is full of therapy appointments and next week the cats go to the vet.

Sylvester and Salem are getting rabies shots and neutering Monday. They can’t eat after midnight tomorrow so I’m gonna have to crate the cats to keep them out of the food and the garbage. (Sylvester’s the only one that gets in the garbage and jumps on the counters.) I have to have them there between 6:30 and 8:15.

It’s my turn to set up the coffee pot, since I got to take a nice long nap today I guess I can go ahead and do that.