Everything Breaks At Once

Isn’t it nice that when one thing stops working right then something else follows almost immediately? First the air on my truck didn’t work right for months with people trying to convince me it was supposed to blow out hot air. Well, I got the freon replaced ($70) and now it’s going to take approximately $146 to replace the switch. Before that can be done the air conditioner on the house has to be serviced. Don’t remember what it costs for them to come out (it went up when gas prices did) but the last time I had to have freon for the central unit it was $60 per pound. 

If there was shade around the house and the windows weren’t basically ceiling to floor I’d buy a couple window units. One for the small one for the kitchen, (provided the openings to the living room could be adequately sealed), a couple small units for each bedroom and a couple large units for the living room. That way I could at least turn off the units in the ones that weren’t being used and turn them on when we need them. My poor light bill is going to be way over budget if we don’t get the air conditioning serviced this week. 

For some reason I think that the $170 budget amount is going to go up next time it’s figured. I was happy when it went from $185 to $170 for a $15 a month savings. Out here not being on budget billing is a rather bad idea because while there are months I can get the bill down below $100 in the heat it’s easy for it to go over $200. Well, the good news is that everyone has agreed to cooperate with the savings experiment. 

I need a small dishwasher to keep the dishes from being contaminated with the foods she’s not supposed to have. That’s going to work wonders for my electric bill although I have a feeling I won’t be pulling any dishes out of the strainer with food still on them. My hubby helped with the dishes, I do wish he’d admit he needs an eye exam. 

That reminds me I have to get back to work so I can either replace the frames for the glasses I’m supposed to be wearing or get an eye exam and new glass within the next month. The frames broke on mine and I can’t find the box for my contacts to get the prescription off of it to order them.