One new goal have one new goal. I want to purchase a Kindle to get the physical books in the house cut down on. I installed the Kindle for PC today and got one book for it. It was free so I was splurging without splurging. I began reading “Wife No. 19” today, it’s stored in Google Docs because it’s over 600 pages the way that it’s set up for online reading. I have a few dozen paper backs that I haven’t managed to read yet.

I have four reviews pending and since I’m working on some reviews I figure I can review the books too. That’ll give me a little bit more income off of my leisure time. I usually take notes during therapy, I tried to read during it once but I can’t find the book I was reading for the life of me. I’m going to have to start over if I ever manage to find the book again. I want the kindle so I can take it with me and not have to worry with an actual book. My biggest problem is that if I loose the kindle I’d be out a lot of money.

The time I once spent on Facebook wasting time while I couldn’t think of anything to write is now spent on Sidetick. They pay you to do basically the same thing you do on Myspace or Facebook so I take my breaks there now. I know my kindle will have to wait until the new year but that’s fine too. In the meantime I have something to work for. I’m wondering if I have the patience to use my swagbucks for enough $5 gift cards to get one.

Well, I have three more blogs to update so I’ll be back later on. Maybe by the time I get back I’ll have figured out what I’m doing.