New Schedules and Routines

In light of recent events there have been some unexpected changes to the way that I do things. My entire routine has been changed, at least for now. I am up by 5a.m whether I want to be or not. It’s a little habit I developed when I was without Internet access. I am working as fast as I can in order to ensure that I can make up the income that I lost. I may not be able to make up that lost time but I can make sure that next month isn’t the same way. I will be taking $50 as soon as it is available and reopening my savings account.

There are things that I need, among them a divorce. Well, I am well aware that I can file the papers myself. I just have to find the correct ones. I found out yesterday that the filing fees are or were only $170. I intend to come up with that very shortly and very carefully. I would also be in need of a vehicle that I can drive without any current problems that has decent gas mileage. The problem is that with current expenses I can not afford a car payment even with a trade in. This means I have to come up with a new plan.

Getting up at five in the morning gives me the opportunity to take care of little things such as checking my email and seeing if there is any work available that is not part of my regular schedule for the day. Those two things can be knocked out while I enjoy a cup of coffee or two as the rest of the house sleeps. I am beginning to enjoy this time alone and if I budget it carefully I can even grab a shower without hearing anyone call my name. I do love not having to wait until everyone leaves the house for the morning to jump in the shower and have time to myself.

Well, I have found that four precious hours in the morning allow me to do housework while working for a living and that it is starting to go better now. I have my computer back, a portable Internet connection and a fully charged battery. Today since I will be stuck at therapy long past the 2:45 that we are scheduled to get out due to a lack of transportation I will be taking my computer in hopes of achieving some work during the afternoon. I may even take my charger in the event my battery runs low before I am done working.

Well, it’s almost time to go get the kid so I need to wrap up a few things before I can shut down. I’ll be back later to let you know how this afternoon went with my pile of stuff and my kid.

Another Day Closer to the Weekend

The weekend is getting closer, I can feel it. I have a ton to do but I can feel the weekend and the fact that I am about to have a few days off getting closer. Not off work but off from the real world. I get to start my weekends earlier now since we moved therapy up before lunch each day. I have a ton to do this weekend, if my shoulder stops hurting I have to finish rearranging my living room and throwing things out.

I would be writing new articles, which is good. Now to finish them would be better. I have one that will be two when I am done and a few floating around in my head. I am also typing some things up to break down into articles. This is going to be a long weekend but hopefully a productive one.

Well, I have to get back to the quick things that I can manage while my little one is awake. I put her down for a nap because she was grumpy but she isn’t cooperating. I also took a break to read a few of my favorite blogs and articles again thinking that maybe something in them would inspire a new subject.

Did This Day Really Happen?

Did it? I mean it seems a bit surreal now. I mean it started normal enough my soon to be ex went back to his old job without any trouble. I put the kiddo on the school bus, he came home I went to work. I did laundry etc. Well we tried to go to therapy and the bottom fell out. They called to say we didn’t have to go but we were already on our way so I said we’d be there. We should have been in about ten more minutes, wrong. The bottom fell out, I couldn’t see a foot in front of me, water was standing in the road and everyone was speeding up. These people ain’t that bright. Anyway I called them to tell them I was wrong and we were going home.

This is where it gets cuter. We turn around during a break in the rain and after I turn down a side street to get off the four lane, it stops completely. Lovely. I gave up and we came home. I had a confused child on my hands since we came back to where we had started at. Well, my soon to be ex went to work and stopped to pick up some stuff that I had loaned out for me since I couldn’t afford to go and it was right by where he works. All is sort of normal now. 

Later this evening he got a call from the job that let him work one day and let him go because of something from twenty years ago. They had realized that it was twenty years ago and they wanted him to go back to work first thing in the morning and to call to get a schedule. At first he said yes then we talked and decided that no matter how badly we might need the money right now he was not going to leave his current job again after the man gave it back to him. 

Oh well, It’s been a long day and I have to get back to life so I’ll be going now.

friday…………………and not much to say

Thursday we didn’t have therapy because our speech therapist was out of the office today. Theresa didn’t noticed yet since she’s caught up in her V-Reader at the moment. She’s took the time to enjoy her day off.
Lately Theresa has taken to hitting people in the face. I’m not sure why she’s doing it all the time but at times the reason is clear. She does not like people touching her things. I can’t say much about that because I don’t particularly care for it either. I’m not sure why but I’ve always found it rude when people look through people’s things without asking them first.
I was exhausted and would have loved to lie down to take a nap but I couldn’t. I managed to finish two articles yesterday morning and that was it. I managed to get my hub in the newsletter for hubpages and that’s a good thing. The traffic to that particular hub is rising and now I just have to figure out how to finish the hub that I am currently working on and find a subject for the next one.
We have speech this morning at 11:30 which is good for Theresa and good for me too. I have to stop and get laundry detergent and creamer for my coffee. I have another payout to request but I want to wait until it’s a bit higher before I do.
Oh well something tells me it’s going to be a long weekend since I cut the cable off and I have to work. There is going to be a bored child. I’ve got a big yard that unless I go cut the grass doesn’t do her any good. I’ve got my Internet that I have to use to make a living and some books that she doesn’t like to read. Wonder if I should have waited to turn off the cable especially since the channels are out in the living room at the moment. I’d love to have the antenna put back up since I’m missing channel twelve at the moment with the indoor not being strong enough.
Really need to move so I’m saving every bit of change for emergencies and attempting to get by until I can find something I like within my budget. It has to take pets because I can not get rid of my two cats. I also need to make sure I have boxed up and donated everything here that I do not need, use or want anymore so that someone that will appreciate it has it. 


OK I managed two loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen and vacuumed some of my living room; the part not taken over by toys. Theresa did get to watch a few cartoons and pretended to nap today. We managed to make a little progress on the potty training front. We’ll running out of cloth tomorrow though, she has six pair and she’s been going through them really fast today. I’ll be washing them tomorrow afternoon as soon as she runs out, Monday she’ll only use one or two, then Tuesday she’ll be in them all morning.

I managed to find time to sit at the end table and do a little therapy with her today. We did a few words on her chalk board, some dough and a couple pages out of her workbooks this morning. At the moment I’m printing out a page or two for tomorrow. Monday I’ll be going over flash cards and requests since we only have an hour or two and she’ll work all day between preschool and therapy. We’re doing more shapes coloring and the letter A tomorrow. I haven’t decided what else.

She has speech, OT and ABA therapies. I’m having a bit of trouble lately fitting in what she has to do in therapy with what I’d rather she know at times. We’re going to go over things that she does and doesn’t know tomorrow and she’ll get to color again. Following directions is the most important thing. I plan to take a few minutes on each page so she doesn’t get frustrated.

Well, that about sums up today and the plans for tomorrow.

Labs for the little one

OK yesterday Theresa had her blood drawn to test her potassium levels because of a prescription that she’s on. Since it was time to have blood drawn anyway to check her growth hormone. At 4 as far as the measurements go she is 37 inches, not sure how accurate that is since she doesn’t exactly stand right. I’ll be happy to know one way or the other why she seems to be refusing to grow.

She was in a good mood when I got her to the doctor yesterday but not in such a good mood by the time we left. We came home and watched cartoons until time to leave for therapy in an effort to get her back in a good mood since we had two sessions back to back yesterday. She did fairly well since the therapist took her to sing with the ABA kids and do some socialization. After speech Theresa refused to come out of the office. The ladies ( I should say lady b/c only one was in there yesterday) said she could sit and play with the legos between appointments. The ABA therapist was next, they worked on “No” and waiting.

Theresa’s therapist are awesome! OK we have more therapy today and at some point I’ve got to wash her training pants so that I have enough clean to make it through the weekend without having to soak up urine out of the carpet. Gross I know but we have almost three full days again to work on potty training. She’s starting to give signals but she can’t express that yet so we’re trying to get there.

Reflections on a Post I read

This post about boundaries really gives you something to think about. Making yourself happy. I work a lot out of necessity because my income has gone down a great deal over the last few years. I have to buy a lot of supplements and this month they seem to be running out all at the same time. That’s an expense I’m still earning the money for. Today on the way home from speech I have to stop and buy a container of baby wipes, actually a refill. I’ll be buying the small one to last until the next payday because I don’t have enough to get the one that’ll last all month long. I’m going to have to buy the little one a new pair of shoes and some pull-ups before school starts back next week. Those too expenses are unavoidable but I did reduce the amount spent on pull-ups by putting her in cloth for potty training purposes while we’re at home.

The light bill due this month has yet to show up so I can pay it. The last bill I had a credit of $76.34 toward the settle up month, I’m hoping it is a trend that continues. I’ve been working really hard to keep the usage down but one of televisions acts funny when it’s cut off from the power source. 

OK I’ll be going now since my thoughts were about earnings and cutting costs this was the natural place to post. I’m going to check Text Broker one more time before I close my browser and come up with today’s article topic. 

We go back to almost normal tomorrow

Well, tomorrow we go back to almost normal for us. Theresa doesn’t go back to school until the 10th but we go back to speech tomorrow afternoon. He daddy doesn’t go back to work until the end of the week. Theresa has been rather relaxed these last two weeks and she’s starting to protest when we do anything to interrupt what she wants to do. Therapy couldn’t be starting back a moment too soon.

She demanded cookies this afternoon so I threw together some sugar cookies with the aid of a baking mix. She’s happy with them, the rest of us on the other hand aren’t as thrilled with them. I have everything that I need to make another batch after she goes to bed or in the morning. That way I don’t have to worry about Theresa touching the hot oven.

Theresa learned that there is more than one t.v. in the house over the holiday. She even learned that she could reach one of them to turn it one without the remote and figured out how to change the channel with the remote. She had to figure out which remote was for changing channels first.

At the moment she’s having a tantrum because she’s not doing what she wants so I’m gonna be going.

Mommy has homework again

Actually, mommy, daddy, the teacher and three of the five therapist have homework. Green sheets to help the doctor re-evaluate Theresa’s diagnosis. This time we should get something more specific than moderate/severe autism with PDD-NOS. That’s a mouthful and rather hard to explain. The holidays and the rest I thought was coming with them well, now they’re full of stuff we have to do.

The 23rd we have our last therapy appointment a couple days before that we have a Christmas party. (The one thing we planned to do this month.) Saturday I’m letting Theresa go to the clinic for a few hours to be with other kids while I go to get her Christmas and birthday presents so she doesn’t see them. The following week we have a follow up with the doctor to do a testing visit.

My laundry is behind again, I just remembered to turn the machine on to see if I can’t get one load done before we leave.  I have to take a green form to one of the therapists office when we leave today, I also have to get pull-ups. I think I’ll start buying four packs at a time since no matter how hard I try to put her in cloth when we’re home I end up using pull-ups often because we either run out of cloth or she has a stomach issue.

Little bit hasn’t asked for many shows today. She’s only asked for one. We’ve got lot showers right now, just not at my house. There isn’t any rain yet only wind. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon. The high is 62 tomorrow and that’s about as warm as we’re gonna get it seems. OK I’ve still got dishes to do before we leave and I want to eat dinner tonight without having to wash a plate first.

Next time I buy the small beef roast I’m cutting them in half. Apparently a three to four pound roast is too big for our small family. Four meals in a row is a bit much I think. I wonder if I can put it in the hamburger helper? OK I’m going for real this time.


That’s the amount that I’ll have left after the 2nd phone bill is paid. It’s not due until Christmas Eve but I have to keep that money aside for it. Today is supposed to be payday and it better be. I’ll be ill if it’s not.

I’ve still got $193.99 left to buy food. That’s a good thing. I need coffee, sugar, some more meat. I’ll probably do a pick 5 for $19.99 since the portions are larger. That’s five dinners, so maybe I’ll buy 2 of them. I think we need peanut butter so that Theresa can have snacks.

I’ve got half a tank of gas to last the next four days and two days next week. We have a Christmas party and one day of therapy. That’s all it has to last for other than a possible trip to my mother’s house to see my oldest daughter.

Well, that’s all for now. Work not going so well and as my income decreases I become increasingly irritable. I’ll be back later.